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Garlic: The Wonder Drug
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Garlic: The Wonder Drug

I love garlic. Yes, yes I know this statement of mine will raise a few (OK, maybe a lot of) eyebrows and many will go yuck. But its true. Its strong pungent smell is repulsive to many people and supposedly, as the superstition goes, to the vampires as well. However, its smell does not deter me from absolutely loving it to the extent that I try to put it in almost everything I make. Infact my husband has complained many times about its quantity in the dishes I make. So to satisfy him, I now sometimes make them just for myself and put garlic in them to my heart's content.

But seriously garlic does have many health benefits. I remember my father taking two raw cloves with one teaspoonful of lime juice first thing in the morning every day. This routine was supposed to aid in digestion and increase metabolism thereby effective for weight loss also. Garlic is used for lowering high cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar and to reduce yeast infections in the body. It helps to make our immune system stronger against cancer, ulcers, hemorrhoids etc. Garlic also helps to prevent blood clots from forming, thus reducing the possibility of strokes. In Buddhist religion garlic is also assumed to have aphrodisiac properties although its smell on one's breath is definitely a turn off.

Some Hindus believe that during Samudramanthan (churning of ocean of milk by Devas(Gods) and Asuras(demons)), two Asuras were able to get access to nectar in their mouths. When the Supreme God came to know about this he cuffed the heads of those Asuras before they could swallow it and as a result nectar fell down on the earth from their mouths in drops which later grew as garlic; that is why the vegetable has such wonderful medicinal properties.

So, I think one should overlook the only negative aspect about garlic i.e. its smell for the whole gamut of health benefits that its consumption has. It is not known as the Wonder Drug for nothing. If you agree with me, look out for my future recipes which will have garlic as one of the ingredients like my last one (Tomato Rice with Capsicum) did.

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  1. Akanksha
    I didn't know about the samudramanthan story! Vote#2
    1. parneesha211
      thx a lot!!
  2. abhasklal
    Garlic doesn't smell that bad :)
    1. parneesha211
      Gud..someone agrees with me :)
  3. SnakeWitch
    Although a person's breath smells somewhat off after eating garlic, cooking it smells tremendously wonderful and makes up for the lack of kisses after a meal! Anyways, I voted because I've read that this wonder drug is the number one cancer treatment. It not only helps prevent it, it actually cures several, if not all, types of cancer. Have you had a chance to view my compilation of jokes? I hope you enjoy it!
    1. parneesha211
      thx SnakeWitch..I definitely check out your jokes..everyone needs some humour in their lives!!
  4. Kate Noel
    Kate Noel
    I love garlic, too! It's one of my favorite things to add to a dish. I also love the health benefits!
    1. parneesha211
      Good to know that I not the only garlic lover here..thanx!!
  5. Veganara
    Voted. I absolutely love garlic too! I knew it had certain health benefts, but your blog has given me more to think on. You might like my latest recipe for Awesome Aubergine Rolls (there's garlic in that!), please check it out.
    1. parneesha211
      Thanx veganara...join the gang of garlic lovers!!
  6. pftsusan
    #11. I mostly love the health benefits of garlic and I do like the taste. I have added you to my bloggers. If this is not too late, I invite you to read my new blog, To Get More Vegans Accepted in Society.
    1. parneesha211
      Thanx for adding me to your bloggers pftsusan!!
  7. Roopam
    I use it a lot in my adds to the taste and has great health benefits check out my new post on vegan dips and spreads, you might like a few of those and add more too:)
    1. parneesha211
      sure will do Roopam!!
  8. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    When my kids were little I used to eat raw garlic to ward off colds - it worked but I had bad breath all day. However, much better than a cold! Voted. Check out my cantaloupe popsicle post and vote if you like, they are healthy and yummy.
    1. parneesha211
      Thanks Virtually Homemade!! will check out your post too!!
  9. Carolyn
    Vote #15....although I believe it already made Top Posts! Thanks for the info! I checked out the article at your suggestion and will be watching for upcoming articles that you post! I did not know that garlic could help with yeast. Thanks again!
    1. parneesha211
      Thanks Carolyn..Votes and comments always appreciated!!


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