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Gardein Discontinues 17 Products
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Gardein Discontinues 17 Products

Bad news for all vegans in Canada, the cherished brand has recently announced a temporary pull of 17 of its products on the Canadian market.

The company released an official statement on their Facebook page on December 2nd mentioning that their inability to meet consumers’ growing demand has forced them to take the hard decision of halting the production of most of their products momentarily.

The BC, Canada born company was acquired by Pinnacle Foods in 2014 for the hefty sum of $155 Million. Pinnacle Foods products can be found in 85% of American households. This giant American company is namely responsible for manufacturing brands such as Duncan Hines, Aunt Jemina, and Hungry-Man frozen fried chicken dinners. 

Gardein promises in their statement that production of more products will restart once their new manufacturing facility, acquired thanks to Pinnacle Foods, is completed in Hagerstown, Maryland.

A spokesperson from Gardein told VegNews that the company plans to keep producing the most popular items for the time being. Other products will possibly be reintroduced based upon production capacity.

Gardein has not confirmed the products that will be discontinued yet. However, various vegan groups have speculated that only four items will remain available.

Brand Ambassadors of the company have declared that the temporary pull of most of their products will only affect the Canadian market. Gardein assures US consumers that they are not going to lose any of their beloved plant-based meats.

Canadian vegans should stock up on their favorites while there is still time. The future of well-loved items such as beefless tips and mandarin chick’n is uncertain.

Will the disappearance of Gardein products in Canada affect your life?

It will definitely make mine a lot less tasty.

What do you think of Gardein’s decision?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

*Photo Credit: Compassion Over Killing flickr Creative Commons 2.0


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  1. catsdogs4me
    I find it very disconcerting to see these products disappearing from my favorite stores. I frequently use these products and will miss the variety they bring to my meals. I hope these products are continued in the future.
  2. Karin
    Very, very sad and I wonder why Canadian consumers are beings targeted? This is another reason why good, vegan businesses should resist selling out to conglomerates. Sad time for vegans Canada.


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