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Real Fur in Fashion: It's Not Okay in Any Shape or Form!
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Real Fur in Fashion: It's Not Okay in Any Shape or Form!

Khloe Kardashian has been pretty vocal about her anti-fur stance for years: remember how she posed nude for PETA in an anti-fur campaign years ago? But now it seems she’s not as caring for the animals as she’s been made out to be.  

  • This Charm Isn’t Charming! 

The reality TV show star has recently been spotted numerous times clutching a Fendi Karlito Bag Charm. This accessory looks like a fur pom-pom and has become highly popular. Shockingly, it retails for approximately $1,600. The charm makes use of real fur: black mink, fox fur and goat fur. How can Khloe be against fur but be carrying this around? In an interview, designer Karl Lagerfeld stated that although it's easy to say no to fur, it’s part of the industry (how convenient) and by using fur, designers are actually keeping hunters in jobs. Err, right. So animals should be killed to keep people employed?!  The designer also stated that he hates killing animals in cruel ways and that butcher shops are even worse than the killing of animals in fashion.

  • Killing Animals for ANY Kind of Fur is Not Okay! 

Thinking in Lagerfeld's way is what causes people to be okay with the use of fur or animal skins in fashion. We might say, 'Well, there's really not a lot of fur on this key charm, so it's all right,' but it’s not. Animals are being killed regardless. How is that okay? Even if stars such as Khloe Kardashian are walking around with these accessories, it doesn’t ever make fur okay. And, if you think that animals are being killed more “humanely”, the truth is that the result is the same. If someone kills you with a gunshot to the head or carefully slices your throat, is one better than the other? No, because either way your sacred life has been taken. Granted, it’s not always easy to avoid animal products in fashion, which is why it’s so important to research brands to find out exactly what is used in their items and accessories. Fashion items might look cool and cause a sensation, but if they're involved in the killing of animals, they are nothing but disgrace. An expensive disgrace, such as in the case of fur bag charms, but a disgrace nonetheless.  

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons CC by 2.0 by Yusuf C

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    Thanks Giulia!
  2. idreaminpastelpink
    I have to wear leather jazz shoes for dance and I feel so bad about it. But there's nothing I can do.
    1. Jean Michelle
      I've found 2 brands of vegan jazz shoes and have been dancing in them for years: Capezio Freedom stretchy canvas and Encora sequined stretchy canvas.
    2. Jean Michelle
      I sympathize. My husband has to wear leather dance shoes - no vegan options in his size.


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