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Fruits Have Meat…
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Fruits Have Meat…

Fruits have meat. They’re full of body, and they’re fulfilling. But in addition, they also have this scrumptious dripping fruit juice that makes your mind burst into euphoria. You can’t get any better than that. People sometimes look at fruit as a mushy substance, that doesn’t do much for their stomachs. So they defer to steak, pork chops, and thick based foods with seasoned flavor.

For the sake of enlightenment, my wife and I have compared and contrasted meats with fruits. In an adamant attempt to show her how strong a view can be, I argued that fruit is for the elderly who like oatmeal (I’m really on her side as a pro-fruit activist.) I lost this battle when it was her turn to speak, and she elegantly deconstructed an orange in comparison to a hamburger.

Some of her points were as follows: hamburgers have natural juicess. Hamburgers are very meaty to say the least, but hamburgers also have unnatural additions like grease, and often contain seasonings containing sodium. But an orange has natural juices, and can be thick skinned—layered over a gentler meat. It's lmost like biting into a perfectly cooked sirloin steak. Oranges do not need additional seasonings. They also provide numeroius health benefits, and oranges have the most pleasant flavor. This left me to wonder: Is an orange better because of its poetry?

Yes! Is an orange better because it win’s on a comparitive fact sheet? Yes! I thank my wife for informing me that fruits are indeed meat, and the perfect meat for vegans.

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  1. BuddhasDelight
    yeah! and fruit is so cool and generous it just falls to the earth offering itself to us! eat fruit meat and enjoy! i like this article, thanks for posting. voted! :)


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