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Fresh Grape Soda
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Fresh Grape Soda

There is always that time when you are craving a treat from your childhood whether it be soda, candy, or even a decident baked good. I love the thought of a nice cold soda in these hot summer days. But not only are these sodas unhealthy, they have preservatives, coloring, and loads of sugar. This recipe has that great grape flavor from your typical soda, but is made from all natural ingredients including fresh grapes.


4 cups of seedless red grapes

2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons of agave nectar

2 cups of seltzer water


Puree the grapes in a blender. Then pour into a fine mesh strainer and set over a medium bowl. Press on the solids to extract all juices from the grapes. Then add the lemon juice and agave nectar and stir until the agave is dissolved. Add the seltzer and the pour into four cups with ice.


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  1. pftsusan
    This neat and not that many calories either. Voted.
    1. evalovesbend
      Thanks Susan!
  2. Veganara
    Vot e no 4. I am thrilled to find this recipe, not only because it sounds delicious and refreshing, but I also because I just read recently that red grapes can really help with weight loss - apparently they help to stop fat cells forming! So I was looking for a way of using them, then I saw this! Have a look at my latest blog, Know Your Nightshades, you may find that of interest! if you like it, please vote.
    1. evalovesbend
      Wow I didn't know that red grapes can help with weight loss! Thank you for the vote, I will go check out your post right now.
  3. kristo
    This sounds really refreshing! is it sweet enough without the agave? voted #5!
    1. evalovesbend
      Thank you lapis lazu! I don't think it would taste as good without the agave nectar because the seltzer waters down the the grape flavor and sweetness a bit.
  4. Carolyn
    Sorry, I missed this recipe from one of my newest Flaming Vegan friends! Please forgive me....I've worked third shift in the emergency room of the local hospital since Friday and have not been on the computer. Congrats for making Top Posts! Will be watching for upcoming articles. A little off the subject....I remember drinking Neehi Grape drinks with my Granny (great grandmother) on her front porch during the summer time as a child. No, they are not good for us....but what a wonderful memory! LOL!
    1. evalovesbend
      No problem Carolyn. I'm glad it brought back a childhood memory :)
    2. Veganara
      What is it you do Carolyn, out of interest? you are a medic of some description I presume?
  5. BuddhasDelight
    cool idea! love it, as conventional soda is loaded with sugar and this way you can control it. yay! ;) voted.
    1. evalovesbend
      Thank you Buddhas Delight!
  6. Caroline Jones
    Caroline Jones
    This sounds so refreshing. I voted and pinned!
    1. evalovesbend
      Thanks Caroline!


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