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See the 'Frankenstein Video' That’s Making People Go Vegan
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See the 'Frankenstein Video' That’s Making People Go Vegan

A new video has gone viral on the internet. It’s been said to be too harsh to view for sensitive stomachs. But something good is coming out of it - it is causing more people to start vegan lifestyles. 

  • What’s the Video About? 

If you think this is yet another video of animals in slaughterhouses, you’re wrong. The 'Frankenstein' video is of meat after it has been taken from an animal just before it ends up on consumers’ plates. In the video, a slab of raw meat in China is seen pulsating. Some people have been saying that the meat is full of maggots that are causing it to move. 

  • Where Did it Come From?

The story just becomes more horrific. The original post which was put on Facebook was described as being really fresh meat that still had its nerve endings intact and alive. (Gross.) A woman from Sishui county in the Shandon Province purchased the beef and then saw it beating like a heart. She recorded it and sent it to social media. Here’s something that sounds straight out of 'Fear Factor': experts say that pulsating beef is safe to eat. The woman didn't eat it - really, who could blame her? 

  • Rude Awakening

The idea of meat that still moves after it’s been taken from an animal is right out of a horror movie. Perhaps what is most shocking is the realization that it once belonged to an animal whose heart was beating, an animal who lived and ran and had feelings. The video possibly leads meat eaters to see - quite candidly - how the meat they feast on used to be a real, live animal not too long ago. It’s easy to forget the slaughtering of animals when one sees packaged meat or meat on a plate so this is a disturbing reminder of the life that has been killed to satisfy humans.



*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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