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4 Vegan Alternatives to Turkey This Festive Season
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4 Vegan Alternatives to Turkey This Festive Season

If it feels like turkeys are the main attraction at all the festive season meals you’re attending, it doesn’t have to be the case at your Christmas party.

Sure, this might ruffle the feathers of some of your meat-loving friends, but once they see the delicious vegan alternatives to the bird, they’ll be enjoying themselves with this delicious food you have on offer.

Here are four vegan alternatives to turkey this festive season:

  • 1. Delicious Millet Loaf

This loaf makes use of a variety of tasty ingredients such as millet, brown rice, lentils, cashews, tomatoes and white bread. It creates a satisfying treat for all your hungry guests. It’s also really easy to make and will bake in the oven for approximately an hour. It might have been called a Thanksgiving loaf but it can definitely work a storm at your Christmas feast this year!

  • 2. Bread Stuffing

Bring bread to the table but in the form of mouth-watering stuffing that can be used in casserole dishes instead of in the turkey. This recipe makes use of bread cubes, herbs, onion and celery, so it’s a healthy and tasty addition to a variety of meals.

  • 3. Yummy Veggies!

Veggies can be satisfying and delicious, especially if they’re roasted. Potatoes come to the rescue here, offering a filling plate at your Christmas table. Make a delicious sweet potato casserole that has delicious nuts in it to give it crunch! The recipe is also gluten-free, so it’s great if some of your guests are gluten intolerant. 

  • 4. Faux Turkey

If you really don’t want to miss out on the idea of turkey this festive season, there is always the chance to choose a fake meat one that tastes like the real thing. You can even get faux turkey meat that comes with stuffing included. 





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