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4 Surprising Snacks That Are Totally Vegan (And One That Isn’t Really!)
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4 Surprising Snacks That Are Totally Vegan (And One That Isn’t Really!)

Isn’t it a great feeling when you find delicious foods that are vegan even though you’d been avoiding them, thinking that they weren’t? Round up these treats when you’re having a snack attack.

  • 1. Fritos 

You might think that since they’re baked they contain a lot of ingredients, but they only have three - and none of them are animal products - salt, corn oil and corn. Make sure you choose the original flavour, though.

  • 2. Kraft Italian Dressing 

Although its texture is creamy and delicious, adding this to your salad won’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. Hooray! Don’t be afraid to add it to snacks other than salads, like sandwiches.

  • 3. SuperPretzel Baked Pretzels 

You are not wrong to assume that pretzels have eggs and dairy, but these don’t so you can enjoy them! Pretzels are great because you can eat them with other foods, enjoy them with dips, sauces, but they’re still delicious on their own.

  • 4. Ritz Crackers 

Sometimes you just need a little snack during your work day, so you want to reach for crackers. Ritz crackers are free of animal ingredients in spite of their buttery flavour. Their main ingredients are unbleached enriched flour, Riboflavin, folic acid and soybean oil.

  • And the one that isn’t… 

When it was said that Oreos were free of animal products, vegans around the world were so happy. But sadly, this was not the case. The reason? Sugar that makes use of bone char. Kraft, which produces Oreos, sometimes make use of sugar supplies that do use charcoal that is an animal product known as bone char when the sugar is refined. (You can read their response to a consumer’s email here). This issue highlights an important point for vegans:  while you might feel good that some foods avoid animal products, sugar with bone char is another point to bear in mind and avoid any brands that make use of it. Although it's not always known if they do, taking action and getting informed by contacting them yourself will empower you to make the safest vegan choices.

*Image courtesy Milles Studio  / Dollar Photo Club

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