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UK Forests Breathing Easy with Greener Travel
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UK Forests Breathing Easy with Greener Travel

If you are an advocate for greener solutions, then your next vacation should be on a New Forest Tour in the UK, which promotes greener travel that has forests breathing easier. With a more environmental friendly way to travel, you can better enjoy the lush vegetation around you knowing that you are lending a hand to preserve its beauty.

According to statistics by National Park chiefs, the popularity of tour buses has risen in the past years. The New Forest Tour buses are experiencing a growth of over 50,000 tourists who have switched from driving to joining group tours. The substantial decrease of private vehicles will decrease the fumes secreted into the forests which can help preserve them in their true glory. Vacationers would also enjoy switching from driving on their own to guided group tours which can have more exciting stops for an overall more exciting yet relaxing vacation.

Benefits Of The New Forest Tour

National Park Authority (NPA) partnered with various bus companies that would offer visitors an alternative way to visit the area without having to bring along their cars. This year, there are three different routes which are being featured by the tour buses. Their aim is to encourage more people to explore the forest without using their cars which would reduce the rate of pollution in the area.

  • The New Forest Tour has reduced the rate of visitors using private cars by 35%. Instead of driving, visitors now join bus tours which can take them around the area. Other tours offered would include cycle routes which are also in line with the greener travel movement.
  • By encouraging car-less travel, congestion and carbon emissions are reduced which helps protect the fragile beauty of the forest. The forest then is better preserved for future generations. Moreover, it can also be better enjoyed by visitors as they join in camaraderie with others.
  • The tours also help generate an estimated £680,000 for the local economy. Economic activities would shoot up due to the influx of visitors which would have scheduled stops in local areas.
  • This would mean a more economical way to travel for visitors since everything would be covered by the tour. This would mean less cost for gas and other additional costs which may be incurred by bringing your own vehicle. 
  • The guided tour would also benefit visitors overall because it ensures that the places which should be visited are covered. Moreover, a deeper and more meaningful insight on the place could be imparted in the tour.

Although it may be far more convenient to have your own vehicle and drive around as you please, the benefits of a guided tour would far outweigh the benefits of discovering an area on your own. You wouldn’t be the only one reaping the benefits of the tour since everyone else would enjoy a cleaner environment.

Currently, the three tours available are sufficient to cover the influx of visitors. But it can be expanded in the future to cover more area and activities to better cater to tourists. If its popularity would continue to increase, then further reductions in private car tours can be expected which will further improve the chances of preservation of forests.

So the next time you decide on a vacation to the forest, leave your car and book a tour. The experience will be far more satisfying since you know you are lending a hand to preserve Mother Nature.

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  1. GBjorg
    Frankly speaking, I've never tried forest travelling tourism. I prefer Miami and beach rest in general. But these places are so overcrowded and urbanized that I don't feel comfortable anymore. I should try a forest tour.


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