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6 Tips for Vegan Diets when Traveling
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6 Tips for Vegan Diets when Traveling

Just because you’re having a much-deserved break it doesn’t mean that your vegan diet needs to be put on hold. Here are some important tips to ensure a vegan diet wherever you’re traveling.

  • Pack Vegan Snacks 

When you’re exploring a new city or country, you don’t want to have to take a break to find a restaurant where you can quickly eat a vegan meal. Sometimes this is not always viable or within your budget if you’re doing it daily. So, it makes sense to pack some vegan treats and snacks beforehand so you can whip them out when you’re feeling peckish and save some money too.

  • Get Vegan Food on the Plane 

If you’re traveling by plane, you need to ensure that you call the airline at least three days prior to your flight to request vegan foods during your journey. Of course, this is unnecessary if your flight is short, but if it’s really long then this can definitely help.

  • Be Your Own Chef 

I’m not suggesting that you cook during your holiday - although that can be a fun way to test the vegan foods in the area! - but try to make up your own meals in restaurants even if they’re not vegan. For instance, ask for the meat to be replaced with vegetables. Get creative!

  • Get Some Vegan Phrases Down 

Of course, if you’re going to be asking if the pasta dish has egg in it, then you’ll need to brush up on your vegan phrases when visiting countries where English is not the main language. Get a dictionary or go online to translate some important phrases in the specific language you need to stay on top of things. If it’s easier, learn to write out important phrases, such as 'I don’t eat meat' so that you can show the waiter/chef at the restaurant without any misunderstanding.

  • Research Local Vegan Restaurants 

It helps to be prepared about where the best vegan places to eat are located - after all, you not only want vegan foods but quality vegan foods - so head on to Happy Cow where you can find vegan food outlets in various countries. Definitely a gem when planning a vegan-friendly holiday!

  • Try the Ethnic Option

You want to be vegan while exploring the local cuisine, right? Well, this is a good strategy because lots of ethnic cuisines will contain vegan options, whether it be African, Indian, or Asian, for instance. Eat up and enjoy! 

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