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5 Questions Vegans Hate!
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5 Questions Vegans Hate!

Have you noticed how some people just don’t get what it means to be vegan? Although the lifestyle you’ve chosen is commendable, sometimes people remain uninformed about some of its details. And sometimes the questions can be maddening! Here are five questions you’ve probably been asked before - and how to handle them.

  • 1. But aren’t you lacking iron?

Sometimes the first things a vegan will be asked refer to dietary considerations, with queries about adequate iron intake usually being prioritised. If you don’t eat meat or any animal products, then there could be a problem with whether or not you’re gaining enough iron from your diet. That is what they say, but in truth there are lots of non-animal iron sources available, such as in leafy green vegetables, quinoa, lentils, spirulina, pumpkin seeds and soybeans.

  • 2. So that means you love animals, huh?

Yes, vegans and vegetarians are usually influenced by environmental problems such as the unnecessary killing of animals, but there are other reasons for choosing this lifestyle. For instance a vegan or vegetarian diet can be much healthier and studies back this up. So it’s not always about animals, but about being healthier.

  • 3. But aren't plants being killed too?

This one is an infuriating question. Yes, it can make your blood boil, but sometimes it’s just better to ignore it instead of getting into an argument about whether or not plants can feel pain. Or, you could tell the person asking you this that the cows they’re eating are usually fed on plants, which means that they are killing animals and plants.

  • 4. Are you going to tell me not to eat meat?

You might experience someone you’re on a date with who is not vegan getting worried that you are going to stand up on the table and throw red paint on their beef or something. Although vegans might not actually want to be near you when you’re tucking into a meat product, simply being vegan doesn’t mean that one is going to become a preacher or pretentious. Veganism is a lifestyle choice, just like they’re making the choice to eat meat. Respect should work both ways. As a side note: you should never have to apologise for not eating meat or making people feel uncomfortable. If they do feel awkward eating meat in front of you, that’s their own doing.

  • 5. Oh, but don’t you feel you’re missing out on life?

What does eating animal products have to do with enjoying life? The person asking you this almost feels badly for you because they're ordering burgers and you’re eating a veggie platter. But they seem to have forgotten that veganism is a choice. If you wanted to eat meat, then you would be doing it. But you’re not. No one has made this life decision for you except you. And, it’s actually enriching your quality of life.


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