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5-Minute Activism: 10 Ways to Make it Happen
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5-Minute Activism: 10 Ways to Make it Happen

In an ideal world, I'd spend most of my time lobbying, attending demonstrations, and speaking about veganism in schools. Unfortunately, I'm not currently in a position to do so, and not finding the time to take charge and campaign for animal rights can be frustrating. Rather than become disheartened though, activists can consider some of following ideas, which at no more than five minutes each, can conveniently be carried out between work, study, caring and social commitments. Every little helps, as they say.

  1. Sign a petition, either online, or by stopping quickly at an information stall.
  2. Carry out one of PETA's online, 'Action Alerts,' which are pre-written letters to business owners and decision makers. All that's needed is to add your name and e-mail address and click send, but you can customise the text if you wish.
  3. Wear a t-shirt or badge, or carry a canvas bag, printed with an animal rights slogan. This takes no time at all, yet might give a passer-by pause for thought or encourage an acquaintance to ask about veganism. Whilst slaughterhouse-inspired designs might not be appropriate for every situation, there are a range of designs from the cute to the in-your-face to be found.
  4. Write a review on HappyCow, a website which lists vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants and health food stores around the globe.
  5. Share a photo of your vegan meal, or grocery haul, on Instagram.
  6. If you live near a companion re-homing centre, drop by on the way past with a little food or a few toys for the residents.
  7. Politely request (more) non-dairy options when stopping at your local coffee shop.
  8. If your public library has a suggestion box, drop in Animal Liberation or How to be Vegan next time you're picking up a comedy or thriller. Talking of reading, browsing through an animal rights book on the bus serves a dual purpose; whilst you'll learn more about the details of your cause, fellow passengers might have their interests piqued.
  9. Support an animal charity or non-governmental. This can take any form from donating money, to voting for them in awards, to sharing their page on social media; any help is always appreciated.
  10. When sending post, put a pro-vegan sticker onto the envelope, or if digital communication is more your thing, consider including a relevant quote or link into your e-mail or forum signature.

Photograph courtesy of David Lofink, used under the terms of the creative commons license.

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  1. Vidur Kapur
    Good advice! I particularly liked 4 and 9. Animal Charity Evaluators is a great source of information when it comes to finding cost-effective farmed animal advocacy charities.
  2. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    Awesome post! Everyone has a little time for activism. Thanks for sharing, Amelia.


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