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5 Things to Know About Miley Cyrus’s Vegan Life
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5 Things to Know About Miley Cyrus’s Vegan Life


If you recently saw Miley Cyrus posing with a pig in an issue of Paper Magazine, there was a reason for it. The star has come out as a vegan! Okay, with all the celebrities becoming vegan lately and doing so for weight issues or as a quick fad, you might be sceptical about Miley, especially since she often makes the news for eyebrow-raising reasons. But it seems she’s a genuine vegan. Here are some food facts to know about the star:

  1. She has been completely vegan for about a year and her non-meat ways were sparked by the death of her beloved dog, Floyd. The experience was heart-breaking: Floyd was savagely killed by a coyote and it made Miley stop eating meat. 
  2. She has been pretty inspiring on her social media accounts, showing off delicious vegan foods that she is about to tuck into, with captions such as, "So many good plants/fruits/veggies to eat you ain't gottttta eat dead animals!" A great way for a star with so much influence to show her fans how delicious vegan diets can be. 
  3. Miley is lactose intolerant. This discovery, back in 2012, made her stop eating dairy.
  4. Being vegan is about compassion! That’s one of the things that is most important to Miley. Why didn't she ever inform the public she was vegan before, you might be wondering? She says that she feels the need to be held accountable now and to be a good example for a better, compassionate way of life.   
  5. Is PETA partly to thank for Miley's vegan ways? Hmm, maybe. In 2012, Miley received a vegan cookbook as a gift from PETA. She replied, thanking them for the lovely vegan and gluten-free recipes in the book. Yes, she has also been a follower of the gluten-free diet, claiming years ago that she had an allergy to the substance which is found in foods such as bread and pasta. The star stated that kicking gluten was responsible for her weight-loss, biting down on rumours of an eating disorder. 

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