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5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Nut Butters
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5 Creative Ways to Enjoy Nut Butters

They’re healthy, delicious and free of dairy, plus you can be really creative with them in meal preparation. Here are five other things you can do with nut butters.

  • 1. Cream Up Your Soup

A dash of nut butter when making your favorite soup is a quick way to give it creaminess it might lack since you’re not using any dairy. The nut flavour can also give it a sweet richness.

  • 2. Make Oats Interesting

If you enjoy oats in the mornings, you can give it a bit of a nice twist by scooping in some nut butter. This is a fun way to make it a little more delicious. You can also add in some fruit for a slice of decadence.

  • 3. Create a Sweet Dip

Add a nut butter (instead of peanut butter) to yogurt. This is a delicious sweet treat that you can enjoy on its own, with fruit, or on pancakes. You could also use nut butter in your favorite hummus dip as a tahini substitute to give it that extra special taste sensation. Feeling like a snack? Simply dip slices of apple or celery into nut butter for a quick on-the-go nutritious treat.

  • 4. Go Nuts for Pesto

Pesto is always delicious but you can give it a tasty spin with almond butter. Simply add it to your mixture of garlic and chopped herbs. It’s a good alternative instead of using cheese.

  • 5. Treat Yourself to Stir-Fry

Nut butters are great in a stir-fry because what makes a stir-fry so great is the sauce you use. Here is a recipe you must try the next time you feel like throwing together a delicious dinner.

Some Interesting Nut Butter Benefits:

  • 1. They’re good for your heart. Since they contain the good fats we need, nut butters can lower bad cholesterol and decrease the chance of getting heart disease. 
  • 2. Walnut butter is rich in omega-3s. These have anti-inflammatory characteristics, so they’re especially good for you if you suffer from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. 
  • 3. Almond butter has Vitamin E that is good for your skin and heart.


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.

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