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Finding Myself Again: Veganism, Minimalism, and Digital Detox
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Finding Myself Again: Veganism, Minimalism, and Digital Detox

It took me a while to finally admit to myself that the life that I was having is not the one I want. It was a good life, by all standards, yet I felt that there has to be more to it. I believe that it is a common feeling among the children of the modern world, a haunting sense of discomfort in your own life story. Perhaps you are familiar with the lingering feeling that something essential is missing, as well as with the eternal question that you keep asking yourself - Am I being ungrateful? No. Although being completely clueless about what to do next, I knew that a dramatic change that I yearn for is not going to happen overnight, so I took my time to get out of this mess, one step at the time.

Starting point Constant silent anxiety and fatigue were an inevitable part of my life. For some reason, I thought that it was normal for someone in the marketing business. I realized that most of the anxiety comes from my precious little gadgets and the fact that I was always available, whether for work or anything else. The Internet is a great thing but only if you know when to switch off. I’ve stopped checking social networks and didn’t even open my email on weekends. It was weird at the beginning, but I’ve managed to read a few books during the first month. Should I mention the fact that I’ve slept much better and improved my vocabulary while feeling calm and rested? A temporary digital detox was a good starting point, so I have continued to practice it, every once in a while.

A big shift Once you change one thing, it is like a domino effect, other things will follow. I was craving for spending time in nature and healing myself from this urban contamination. A few weeks later I was hiking through breathtaking scenery and felt great among complete strangers. Tired from hiking by day, we spent pleasant evenings in conversations fueled with wine. We had so much in common as we shared the same values, yet those people were living what they preach, while I was just talking the talk. They were true to nature and vegans, while I was just occasional vegetarian. While I was planning my trip and looking for some hiking Queensland tours, little did I know about my the other, vegan journey that I am about to take. It was time to align my actions with my beliefs.

One thing led to another Coming back home was an eye-opener. It is easy to appreciate nature and noble ideas in a surrounding that inspires you, but day-to-day life brings challenges that can easily get you off the course. Hasty life pace makes you go for quick and easy solutions, regarding food or any other life choice. I had my ups and downs, but I’ve managed to stay focused mainly because of many benefits that finally started showing. I felt better, looked better and I was in a great state of mind. The moment you start to appreciate what matters, you start caring less about unimportant stuff, like stuff in general. At this point, I’ve realized that I have surrounded myself with piles of meaningless things that were cluttering my space and more importantly, my mind. I was getting rid of things, one by one, while I felt that burden is slowly coming off my back. Going minimal was not on my agenda, but once I have become aware, I was able to see through all of my past misbeliefs and to set it right.

Where I am at now Finding myself again is an ongoing process that becomes easier with time. I still need to remind myself that no matter how attractive my old habits may seem, they did me no good. A shift in perception caused a chain reaction that got me to the point where I feel more independent and in control of my life. Living in a modern world, we succumb to imposed forgetfulness of our being and contaminate our space, mind, and bodies. Most of nowadays commodities do not hold real essence for our lives and being aware of that can make all the difference.

Final words Taking these slow steps, I have succeeded in freeing myself from the invisible shackles of this unfriendly society and in reclaiming my life back. By switching off digital noise that sucked my energy, I was able to hear my thoughts again. With a change of diet, I have managed to cleanse my body and rest assured that no creature suffers because of my poor choices. And by getting rid of unnecessary things, I have made room for more important things to come to me. Go ahead. Try it.

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