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Finding Creative Vegan Meals for the Whole Family
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Finding Creative Vegan Meals for the Whole Family

Cooking as a vegan family can present some challenges — particularly with boredom. While nothing beats the taste of your favorite cauliflower crust pizza, you might find your kids growing tired of the same dishes in the weekly dinner rotation. It’s also challenging trying to ensure your meals are nutritionally adequate for your children while also appealing to their “refined” palette. Finding the time to surprise your family with a new recipe at least once a week can stave off both hunger and boredom.

Serving up healthy recipes to share with your family is also a great way to help your child’s overall health. Today, according to University of Nevada, Reno, less than 1 percent of kids meet the ideal standard for heart health. Furthermore, they go to explain that, “At birth, the majority of children stand at ideal cardiovascular health. Yet, as the American Heart Association reveals, as children grow up a lack of daily physical activity and spending too much time in front of the television, or consuming too much soda and failing to get enough fruits and vegetables, can hinder their cardiovascular health.” This means that those on a vegan or plant-based diet are likely giving their children a better diet to grow on, leading to lifelong health advantages. Just one more reason to appreciate a vegan diet.

Of course, not all vegan recipes or diets are healthy, but with a little research and creativity with your family meal planning, you can inspire a stronger knowledge of nutrition and diet within your children. This is an essential skill for our kids to have as our diet directly affects our brains in addition to our hearts.

As the experts at Regis College explain, “The human brain is an incredibly intricate and complex organ that the scientific community has only begun to understand. One thing, however, is certain when it comes to brain development: proper nutrition. A nutritious diet promotes healthy biological processes on which the human brain depends for proper function.” By making those delicious, healthy vegan meals for your family, you are helping them work towards a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

So how can we inspire ourselves and our family to find and cook those new, healthy recipes? Well luckily, as vegan lifestyles continue growing in popularity, there exists a plethora of yummy and unique recipes just waiting for you to discover. You can find creative vegan recipes at places like:

  • Instagram Instagram is a great option to find and view new vegan recipes. Furthermore, there are enough vegan accounts these days that you can find various accounts that will really suit your family and their tastes.   
  • Cookbooks This one might seem obvious, but the cookbooks of the past rarely included vegan recipes. Now, there exists entire cookbooks that are plant-based that can get you inspired to cook up a healthy, delicious storm. Personally, I try to find cookbooks that also avoid refined sugar. Whatever your specific goals are, you can find the perfect vegan cookbook for you and your family.  
  • Meal-Delivery Services If you can’t bear the thought of scouring the internet again for new recipe ideas, then it might be time to sign-up for a meal-delivery service. There are several vegan companies that can ship ingredients and instructions directly to your doorstep so you can create a great vegan meal without having to put too much thought into it.

Enjoying delicious vegan meals together as a family doesn’t have to involve the same old, same old. With a little research, you can find the next recipe your family will love. By teaching your children the importance of diet and nutrition, while also showing them how tasty and creative vegan meals can be, you’ll be setting them on the path towards an overall healthier life.  

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