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Feature Film Promoting Veganism by Comedian Simon Amstell
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Feature Film Promoting Veganism by Comedian Simon Amstell

British comedian Simon Amstell has decided to plunge into seriousness with his debut film that aims at promoting veganism, becoming the talk of the town. Creating a world where plant-based diets are part of people’s routine, his film, Carnage: Swallowing the Past is something that a lot of people are waiting to see.

What led to the making of the film?

Amstell, in an interview, explained why he decided to make a film on veganism. He claimed he had been a vegetarian from the age of 24. It was only after this that he became purely vegan for two years. This was because he had just watched a documentary titled Earthlings which left him feeling bad for a couple of days. The documentary had a tremendous impact on his life and led him to come up with a feature film that is set in a world where animals and humans live together equally.

How does the film plan on getting its message across?

Being set just a couple of years from today, the film Carnage looks back at the day when humans used to eat animals. Amstell portrays the incredulity of young minds when they realize that their grandparents were actually responsible for so much of bloodshed and suffering of so many animals. The young people cannot understand how their grandparents could have lived in such a world.

Thus, through the script, Simon Amstell’s feature film promoting Veganism, tries to bring out a different attitude toward Britain’s animal eating habits, It seeks to break this taboo and propagate a world where animals are not killed for their meats and eggs, where animals can live as one with the humans, relying on them as they are cared for in return.

At the same time, Amstell shows a great degree of compassion toward the generation of that present day. They have become a generation that is scarred by the horrors of their past and are trying their best to cope with these unthinkable actions.

Getting the Cast Together

Not only does Simon Amstell want to ensure that this film is watched but he has chosen to do this by getting a range of British celebrities to act in it. Not just that, the film will also feature vegan musician JME, who will be playing himself in this futuristic film. Martin Freeman, Dame Eileen Atkins, Lorraine Kelly, Lindsay Duncan are some of the familiar faces that you are expected to see on the sets of this utopian film that is set 50 years into the future. 

Given that the world is currently being careful about what goes onto their plates and what they actually consume, this feature film by Simon Amstell which promotes veganism will certainly have people thinking and re-thinking their food decisions. Watching this movie will not let you look at your food the same again so say goodbye to your meats, fish and cheese products. Amstell seeks to leave a lasting impact in the mouths of all those who watch the documentary and is hoping he is able to bring about a better future through it.

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