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Fast Food Happiness and Fast Food Horrors
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Fast Food Happiness and Fast Food Horrors

Getting a decent vegetarian restaurant meal can be such a challenge. I often rack my brain for the best options when out with my family. One place I forget to eat is Red Robin.  If I'm out, and I need somewhere to go, I somehow always forget about this place! And they really give you so many options. You can have quite literally anything on the menu and ask for a Boca Vegan burger for no extra cost! (*For those who don't know what Red Robin is, it's a burger place, sort of like a Johnny Rockets or any other franchised sit down burger place.)  

Today I went and had the vegan burger with guacamole.  It was so yummy!  They didn't hold back on anything.  It was a nice, hearty, un-beefy. burger.  My mouth still waters just thinking about it!  And if you want to do the absolute breadless vegan burger, you can wrap it in lettuce instead of a bun (again, at no extra cost).

The manager came over to see how we were doing and I told him how happy I was that they are so vegetarian/vegan friendly considering the premise of the restaurant, and that I appreciated the fact that they are so considerate of our wallets as well (by not charging extra for the vegan burger, even though they are typically more expensive than regular beef or turkey burgers).  He appreciated the praise!

Alternatively, I did try one day the morning star veggie burgers from Burger king (since I needed something quick for seven people and couldn't stop for a sit down dinner.)  Much to my dismay, not only did they not offer the veggie burgers for kids meals, but I had to buy seven separate veggie burgers, seven separate fries and seven separate drinks! Can you believe it? The total? $50.50.  I complained to the manager and he simply said "There is nothing I can do".  Not only that, but while I do give them credit (sort of) for microwaving the burgers, so that they didn't touch any meat products, or meat laden oil, but let me tell you, it resulted in a tough, and gross $3.50 burger.  ($3.50 for a kids burger that was microwaved.)  It was truly such a disgrace and waste of money.  I'll never try that again!  Next time, I'll pack their dinners at home before we set off on the road. Happy travels, everyone.


*Image courtesy Flickr's creative commons.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Ummm.... won't encourage Burger King either, then. And as for the Red Robin, either when I went to the one in Ottawa I missed that they can veganize any burger, or that they don't offer the choice of doing it for any burger you want there. I do remember the vegetarian/vegan friendlyness of the place, though, and had one veggie burger there. If you have a chance, my latest article is about how dairy is now only sugested in the American Food Guide. Hope you enjoy it!
    1. pentamom
      Yeah~I was giving Burger King the benefit of the doubt because being a mom of 5 sometimes you need something quicker! LOL! I do hope you go back to Red Robin and see if they have the vegan option. I tried to post a picture that I took there, but TFV image uploader isn't uploading them.
  2. Veganara
    Voted. Good blog. It's great that you give credit where it's due to the places that provide decent. affordable vegan food, especially the fast-food places! That's how we'll succeed in veganising the world. by being positive. You might be interested in my latest recipe Awesome Aubergine Rolls, and if you like it, please vote!
    1. pentamom
      Thank You! Since I am a new Vegan/Vegetarian, I get really excited when I find places that make life soooo much easier for all of us! I will always post what I come across so we can all share in the fun! :-)
  3. BuddhasDelight
    very interesting! i didn't know that about red robin, would have been useful to know when i was in florida a few years back! lol. i applaud you for speaking up! there is no way for the supply to change if we don't demand it! :) voted!
    1. pentamom
      Thank You! You are absolutely right! He was very impressed with how comfortable I felt there being vegan/vegetarian. I would eat there all the time if I could! LOL!!
  4. Carolyn
    Pentamom, I understand your problem. You might try freezing left over meals and microwaving those on fast paced days instead of stopping at the burger joint, especially when tight on money.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Or bring sandwiches made from leftovers from the previous day. If you make fried tofu slices and cover them with spaghetti sauce for dinner, the next day, make it a tofu, hummus and tomato sandwich. Easy and fun to eat!


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