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Farm Bill 2012
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Farm Bill 2012

Last week, in the Huffington Post, John Robbins wrote an article outlining one of the many devastating pieces of the Farm Bill 2012, which is currently being revised.  This is something for us to take action on by writing to our congress and senate representatives. 

Congressman King (R-Iowa) has introduced an amendment which protects factory farms from having to comply with the Humane Society's recommendations against animal cruelty and worker's health in factory farms.  Apparently, Congressman King is upset with the laws that have been enacted in several states which ban the use of confinement cages for pigs.  He, instead, would like to allow these factory farms to raise and slaughter the animals in what ever way is most econimcal. Wow, what a shock!

He introduced the amendment to the bill at midnight at the end of a marathon session on July 21st.  If this passes the congress, then it will go to the senate.  We have some time left.  Please read the full article by Mr. Robbins and then link to where you can send a note to your representatives.  If this bill is passed with this and other agregious amendments giving Monsanto even more free rein, then we will have allowed this country to once again fall short on animal rights, the environment and human health.

Here is the link:

Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. I am 100% behind you with this, but I can't act on the link as I am not an American citizen, sorry! I did share something about this on Facebook recently though. There was a quote from this King saying something like: "So the sow stalls are not big enough for them to turn round, so what? I don't remember anyone asking the sow if she wanted to turn round."!! I despair of the callousness of humans like him.


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