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Fair Trade and Veganism May Have More in Common Than You Ever Thought
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Fair Trade and Veganism May Have More in Common Than You Ever Thought

The Vegan Society and the Fairtrade Foundation are both striving to end world hunger, defending the voiceless and making it easier for customers to pick ethically-made products. In marking the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight 2017, the following are activities that these two charities have undertaken to make the world a better place:

Clear Labels

The Vegan Trademark is an authentic international standard assuring customers that the item is free from any animal ingredients and its tests not done on animals. About 25,000 products carry this Trademark. The society ensures that the production process does not harm the animals while the Fairtrade Foundation mark looks after the interests of human beings in the production process.

The Real Cost

The Vegan Society and Fairtrade Foundation both ensure that the customer’s needs are met by creating awareness about where the food really comes from and who really pays the price; whether it is the animals that experience exploitation during production of the food product or the workers in Third World countries who don’t get a fair deal.

Fighting World Hunger

The approximately 3.5 billion people facing hunger and starvation across the globe could easily live off the food that is currently fed to farm animals. Sustainable utilization of our natural resources base has the possibility of averting future global food scarcity. The Fairtrade foundation fights world hunger by ensuring that workers have a sustainable livelihood from fair deals. The standards that are set require an employer to pay salaries that typically progress towards the living wage benchmark, making food available for everybody.

The Best of Both Worlds

For individuals keen on supporting both animal and human rights, there are some known products that carry both standards. For those who fancy chocolate, Organica and the Raw Chocolate Company offer these delicious guilty-free snacks. For those individuals whose interest lies in cosmetics that are products of ethical-sourcing, FairTrade and Vegan offer Fair Squared and Dr Bronner’s magic soaps. Additionally, many companies are increasingly grappling with keeping up with the changing customer demands and preferences by providing them with products that they will consider ethical for animals, humans and the whole planet at large.

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