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Fair Trade Condoms? Make Your Sex Life More Organic!
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Fair Trade Condoms? Make Your Sex Life More Organic!

Have you ever stopped to wonder if your sex life is 'green' enough? Apart from ensuring your condoms are vegan, you might not have spared a thought for whether they’re friendly to the forests or sustainable. Right? Well, now you can - and should!  Sustain condoms offer various benefits for you and the planet. Invented by New York father and daughter duo, Jeffrey and Meika Hollender, these condoms are made from fair trade rubber and latex. They’re also safe for use by vegans. The range of Sustain condoms currently consists of three types: lubricated ultra-thin, comfort fit and tailor fit.

  • Healthy Rubber Plantations

The use of condoms is a must to ensure a healthier and safer sex life, but often condom varieties do not contain earth-friendly ingredients. The latex used in Sustain condoms comes from sustainable rubber tree plantations in southern India. These plantations are focused on conducting fair practices: its employees are paid good wages and child labour is prohibited.

  • Forest-Friendly Fun 

The forests should also be considered in the making of condoms. Many plantations do not work in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guidelines that protect environmental sustainability by ensuring the soil and biodiversity of the land are safe and healthy. Sustain condoms work in accordance with these guidelines by offering rubber that is fair trade. (And you thought it was just coffee and chocolate that had to be fair trade!)

  • Boost for Women’s Health

It’s a nice thought that Sustain condoms are going to be doing something good for women's health, too. Ten per cent of profits from purchases of Sustain condoms are going to be donated to Women’s Reproductive Health. According to the Sustain website, there are currently an estimated 17.4 million women who need publicly-funded reproductive health and family planning services. That's a scary thought! 


*Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons


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