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Facebook Group Advises on How to Raise Vegan Kids
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Facebook Group Advises on How to Raise Vegan Kids

With veganism becoming the talk of the hour, people are now looking to embrace this lifestyle. However, due to the endless supply of misinformation dominating the web, finding the right way to raise a vegan family is not easy unless you know someone who is actually doing it. Fortunately, a growing Facebook group is now advising people on how to raise vegan kids, making the process a little simpler for those groping in the dark.

Reaching out through Facebook

Raising vegan kids can be quite challenging, especially when you are surrounded by people who don’t understand or respect your chosen lifestyle. You should not let this deter you from following your decision. A recently noticed Facebook group is now making the job easier, by giving vegan parents some place to turn to, with their vegan grievances.

Popularly known as, Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting, this group was the saving grace of vegan mom, Janet Kearney, when she was pregnant with a child and did not know where to find relevant information about raising a vegan family. At that time, five years ago, this was a small group and not very well known, so she took charge of it and now, the group boasts more than 20,000 vegan parents.

How does the group help vegan parents?

The basic aim of this group was to create awareness and provide information to vegan parents across the globe, by providing articles on nutrition and discussing facts, and question and answers regarding the same, according to Kearney.  Kearney is hoping to take this Facebook group even further and develop a website that will assist parents in raising vegan kids, which should be live in a few more months.

All kinds of questions are taken up for discussion on the group, like how to politely ask those around you to stop animal products or how to explain your choice to concerned family members. It certainly is a hard task because most often family members are worried that the children won’t get enough protein or calcium. However, once they are presented the facts that show that certain vegan foods provide the equivalent nutrition, they can then rest easy and feel better supporting the cause.

A growing future for the group

Currently, Kearney is assisted by a large team of efficient people, which include a doctor, a scientist, a chef, and a midwife – all of who are vegans and who contribute significantly to addressing vegan-related issues.

Kearney is also looking to come out with a mini-series, titled ‘Why I went Vegan?’ to add to her website. It will include short stories on why different people chose the vegan option and how this has helped them. Kearney is determined to create increased awareness about vegans and show that they are just like everyone else, only they don’t eat animals.

However, the main focus of the group is to provide support for those moms and dads who are deciding to take this monumental step but do not know how to go about it. Not only does this Facebook group advise parents on how to raise vegan kids but they are also attempting to destroy the many myths that surround living a vegan lifestyle.

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