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FREE Movie!  Vegans; Let's THRIVE!
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FREE Movie! Vegans; Let's THRIVE!

Hello fellow vegetarians/vegans/v-curious.  I wanted to let you in on a FREE Movie available online that might rock your veggie socks and inspire your com/passionate nature. :)

Have you heard of

They have made a feature-length documentary called Thrive, commenting on and offering positive solutions for the current challenging world situation.  It is beautiful, educational and entertaining!  You can view it for FREE on their website,  If you have trouble viewing it there, go to and the full movie is available also for FREE!

Thrive is a fascinating look at global culture and the shift in evolutionary consciousness that is taking place right now, whether we are aware of it or not.  More specifically, this movie is about Loving, Supporting, and Helping the Earth and her humans get back on track.  It offers myriad perspectives and multiple possible solutions.  This is not your summer Hollywood Blockbuster!, this one will make you think and/or make you feel not so alone in the world if you are already on the path of transformation.  Blessings all around!

You don't need to agree with or even understand all of the content of this user-friendly (but at times Heady) modern documentary, to benefit from it.  Just viewing such films or any positive, intelligent media aimed at unity and transformation, raises our individual and collective consciousness! 

I urge you to give this heart-felt movie a try, and to carry on with your awesome veggie-ness, because our individual human efforts DO help change the world! 

Peace and Blessings...  Enjoy the show! :)

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  1. Carolyn
    Buddhas Delight loved your wording for announcement of the film, "Thrive," ........"rock your socks." Just awesome! Vote #2!
    1. BuddhasDelight
      lol, thanks carolyn! :)
  2. SnakeWitch
    I just watched this movie this morning. Although I've seen several separate movies that speak of all these issues separately, this is the first one that makes a connection between them all. And I'm not surprised in the least! Loved watching it! I voted! Please come see my article about vitamin B12 and vote!
    1. BuddhasDelight
      awesome, snakewitch! i thought the same thing, it seems to be a good summary of a lot of other smaller films/projects. another one you might be interested, i have not seen the whole thing yet myself so i am not sure how it turns out :) but there is a documentary, also available on youtube called, 2012: Prophecies from the Heart. I liked what i saw so far, and there are some over-lapping themes, but see what you think and i will too :) cheerio!
      1. SnakeWitch
        Have you seen The World According to Monsanto? And Zeitgeist Addendum? Although there are some things I disagree with in Zeitgeist - the part about how everyone should have abundance as a right - are superficial, but overal, this movie has some good ideas.
        1. BuddhasDelight
          oh i know all about nastypants monsanto, but have not seen the movie. will check it out. and the other sounds interesting too, thanks for the suggestions! appreciated :)
          1. SnakeWitch
            I guess most know about backcrap crazy Monsanto by now, eh?
            1. BuddhasDelight
              lol, let's hope so! there is a radical book called, and it's pocket-sized!, The Better World Shopping Guide. It rules my world! am working on an article about it, it is such a great book. :)
              1. SnakeWitch
                I'm sure I've heard of this book.... will check it out. Greenpeace is great for this sort of thing, too.
  3. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Vote #6!
  4. VicariousVegan
    Thank you for posting this!


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