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Experience Vegan Simplicity at Cruciferous
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Experience Vegan Simplicity at Cruciferous

Veganism just took a new shape at the massive strip mall that is located on the corner of Fountain and Vine. A newcomer to the town, Cruciferous, have planted themselves in the right place as vegans and vegetarians across Hollywood are all set to experience the wonder of simple vegan food at this place.

What gets the people?

Having derived its name from the family of vegetables that includes broccoli, brussels sprouts and the like, it is these very ingredients that are widely used in their mouth-watering menu. Although having just nine dishes, this small place serves to please with dishes that are about $14 a plate, with nothing exceeding $18.  

The specialty of Cruciferous, that has their name written on it, is the General Tso’s crunchy brussels sprouts, with a unique sauce to give it added flavour. Simple as it may sound, this dish won the “best savoury” award, at the Vegan Street Fair that was held this year. Rumour has it, this dish is ordered by almost every customer, every single night.

Keeping it Simple

The rest of their menu contains bigger portions of dishes that are usually served as sides in other restaurants. These include a Caesar salad, house baked bread with almond ricotta or a bread and butter plate with gluten-free bread. Add to that, the smoked cauliflower with cashew cream cheese and you’ve got your taste buds waiting for a bite.

Cruciferous takes the hat for allowing customers to go vegan in style with their array of different, yet simple, dishes. The tableside cauliflower head combines a flavour of smoke and nuttiness, which adds a good touch to it. Serving shrubs and sodas from stemless wine glasses, the tableside prep really adds a pleasant dash to the overall ambience.  

The Inviting Layout of Cruciferous

The brainchild of Marie Chia and Shane, who used to run Blind Toger Dining and S+M Vegan around San Francisco, they are the ones behind this quiet, successful vegan dining experience. They have grown even more after partnering with Doomie’s and offering other alternatives to his famed Vegan Big Mac’s.

All set with a collaborative kitchen, with a 20% equality charge mentioned on every bill and a bunch of cooks running with dishes all over, Cruciferous currently runs a busy show, right from 5.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. from Wednesday to Sunday. Just like the other places that have made it big in the strip mall, Cruciferous has more to offer than meets the eye while walking by.  

Aiming to provide customers with a fine dining vegan experience, they offer food that is versatile and has the makings of something found at Crossroads or Baroo, whether you choose the pea risotto or the delicious almond ricotta, you will learn what it means to go vegan in style.

With good quality produce, amazing prices and homemade vegan dishes, customer can now enjoy a vegan lifestyle with a simple menu that will not leave them wanting. With Doomie’s and the Coocbella Creamery next door, vegan options in the strip mall are clearly getting bigger and better.

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