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20 Traditional Candies That Are Totally Vegan!
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20 Traditional Candies That Are Totally Vegan!

Many people switch to veganism with the intention of limiting the amount of junk food in their diet. You see many processed and packaged foods contain animal products, which are off limits to a vegan. Which is fine since junk foods are treats that should be enjoyed only on occasion.

But every once in a while you want to treat yourself, and something I crave every so often is candy. Lots of candies are made with gelatin though, making them non-vegan. And as much as we love creating veganized versions of our favorite foods candy is super hard to make at home. Sometimes I just want to reach for something easy and simple like those gummy Sour Patch Kids.

But I have some good news. After diligently reading through ingredient lists I have found that many hard candies and even some gummy one are perfectly vegan! I was very excited to discover this and I am going to list my favorite ones for you. Oh! And guess what? Sour Patch Kids even make the list! Of course being vegan does not make a food healthy. These are still sugar bombs that one should eat very occasionally. I just think its nice to know you can treat yourself with something familiar every once and a while. I hope find one or two you can enjoy!

  1. Airheads: I love this stuff! It was my occasional purchase from the concessions during baseball games. A rare summer treat growing up!
  2. Big League Chew Gum
  3. Brach’s Cinnamon Hard Candy
  4. Old Time Orange Slices: I was really surprised that these did not contain gelatin.
  5. Charms Lollipops
  6. Dum Dum Pops
  7. Chocolove Dark Chocolate and Orange Peel Dark Chocolate
  8. Ghirardelli Twilight Delight Intense Dark 
  9. Lindt Excellence 70%, 85%
  10. Fireballs: These are so intense you only need one!
  11. Fruit by the Foot: These are good because they take so long to eat and are tons of fun too! You can really savor the flavor.
  12. Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews
  13. Haribo Sour S’Ghetti Gummy Candy
  14. Hubba Bubble Gum
  15. Jolly Rancher’s (Hard Candy and Lollies)
  16. Jujubees
  17. Jujufruits
  18. Sour Patch Kids: My personal favorite!
  19. Smarties: Am I weird for loving these, or just smart?
  20. Swedish Fish: Once again, I would have sworn these were made with gelatin!
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  1. veghead95
    Refined sugar isn't vegan, though...


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