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Even Gandhi Was a Vegan
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Even Gandhi Was a Vegan

I bet you didnt know that Gandhi was a vegan. He started as a Vegan as part of his parents religion in India when he was a younger child. He really didnt understand why his family abstained from meat. In his teens he and a friend bought some lamb and this was the only instance in Gandhi's biography that we seee that he ate meat. After that occassion he abstained from meat, eggs, and even milk at times. When he traveled to London to pursue his law degee he made a vow to his mother that he would abstain from three things: women, wine, and meat. While in London he almost starved trying to maintain this vow and subsisted on mainly a diet of cocoa and bread for months until he found a vegan restaurant on Farrington Street near his place of residence. It would be here that he would gain knowledge on the beneifts of a vegan lifestyle and come to meet some of the most prominent speakers of his time who spoke for a vegetarian lifestyle. He read numerous books such as Henry Stephens Salt book, A Plea for Vegetarianism and Other Essays.

Because of his new found education on the benefits of vegeterianism he began to participate in local clubs and community organizations that spoke to promoting vegetarianism. He started the London Vegetarian Society and even began writing articles for Indians on how they could improve their health through vegan eating.

Gandhi transferred the vegetarian lifestyle he obtained in London to every part of his life when he was in South Africa and India. Everyone in his ashram communities were encouraged to eat like him and live simply. Even in times when he or one of his family members were sick he consitently stuck that the vegan lifestyle over recommendations from doctors to eat a certain meat dish to improve. Gandhi was fervent in his adamantine eating lifestyle and his sagacity proved to the entire world that being a vegetarian has numerous benefits and advantages.

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  1. The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew
    The Flaming Vegan Crew thinks it's *cool* that Gandhi was a vegan....
  2. Carolyn
    Occams Razor, I read that about Gandhi! Voted!
    1. Carolyn
      Congrats for making Top Posts!
  3. Akanksha
    Great post!! Did you know 'Gujrat' the state in India where he belonged to is called a 'dry state' because no liquor (and meat) consumed anywhere in the entire state.
  4. Suzy Creamcheese
    Suzy Creamcheese
    I think you mean "vegetarian". I sure wish the bloggers on this site would get something so basic correct. I am also a fan of spell check.


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