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Ethical Veganism with James Cromwell
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Ethical Veganism with James Cromwell

Veganism is becoming more and more popular all around the world, with new vegans adopting the dietary trend for a variety of reasons. Many vegans have joined up with the cause as a way to reduce their own impact on their environment. Others have realized the health benefits that are offered by an animal-free diet and wish to give themselves the best chances of staying fit and disease-free throughout their lives. Other vegans, like Academy Award nominee James Cromwell, choose to avoid animal-based products for deeper reasons, citing ethical concerns for their decision to go vegan.

Ethical veganism is essentially a rejection of what some people to be cruel and inhumane practices employed in the food industry. With countless animals being killed for food each day, many of them growing up in terrible conditions and being forced to live in cramped and dark spaces while awaiting their inevitable slaughter, a lot of people are adopting vegetarian and vegan diets as a way to express their own feelings on the subject. By becoming an ethical vegan, one is showing that they are not content to participate and encourage the sort of practices used every single day in the food and agriculture industries.

Cromwell himself is an ethical vegan and has presented his own theory that a global ecosystem can never truly be balanced and at peace while animal farming continues. Even animals that are not used for meat, but instead for other food products like milk and cheese, can be distressed, hurt and made to live in difficult conditions on farm around the world. Cromwell believes that all animal derivatives should be eliminated and mankind should adopt a vegan approach to life in order to create a better world.

James Cromwell has gained fame over the years for a number of roles but it was his Academy Award-nominated part in the comedy-drama film Babe that really opened his eyes to the world of animal farming. Cromwell had previously attempted to remove animal products from his life in the years preceding the film. He switched to a vegetarian diet in 1974 and played his part in various animal rights protests and manifestations over the years. After playing the role of the farmer "Hoggett" in the 1995 film about a pig that wants to be a sheepdog, he became an ethical vegan.

Cromwell is a strong advocate for animal rights and believes that more people need to do their part to support animals across the globe. He knows that the battle will be a long one, having supported these causes since his younger years in various ways. In 2011, he narrated a short documentary entitled “Farm to Fridge” on behalf of the Mercy for Animals charity and will undoubtedly continue in his quest to give animals stronger rights around the world in the years to come. He encourages others to give ethical veganism a try and open their eyes to the animal cruelty taking place all around us.

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