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Ethical Entrepreneurship: Starting a Vegan Food Business
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Ethical Entrepreneurship: Starting a Vegan Food Business

A vegan lifestyle often goes hand-in-hand with an extensive knowledge of good food and cooking techniques. If ethical food is something that you are passionate about, and you enjoy finding new and inventive ways to serve it, then starting a vegan food business may be the path for you.

Start Small

While it may be tempting to jump into the deep end right off the bat, things can quickly become overwhelming. Starting small, with a reasonable workload and product list, will not only help to keep your stress down, but it will give you time to network and build up a following. Starting small also allows for easy expansion down the line and will help keep you from burning yourself out.

Home-Based or a Physical Location?

Whether or not you create a home-based business or decide to open up a physical location near your home is up to you, but both have their pros and cons. While all businesses are subject to regulations, the need for permits, and other costs, home based businesses may have stricter requirements depending on where you live. It would be worth the time to make a detailed list of what you hope success with mean for this business and then decide whether that plan is best suited to your own home or to a physical location which is open to the public.

Consider All Your Options

Possibly the biggest question, and the one that most people ask first, is “What are you selling?” Deciding on your product list is a very important step as it will not only tell you where your energies need to be focused, but where additional income could be made. For example, if some of your culinary options do exceptionally well, you may consider compiling the recipes into a cookbook for additional income down the line.

Educate, Don't Alienate

Whether it's writing copy for your website, or interacting face-to-face with customers, you will probably be one of the first, if not the first, actual vegan that some customers have ever known. In any niche business, one of the surest ways to keep people from coming back to your business is to make them feel as though they're wrong or stupid. Vegan food businesses are one of the places where people following all kinds of diets have access to vegan food and a vegan lifestyle. A vegan entrepreneur with an online business administration degree recommends educating your customers without talking down to them. You might be surprised how positive the response is. 

Starting a vegan food business is bound to have its difficult moments but with the proper knowledge and a strong sense of commitment to the finished product, you can be successful in your own vegan food business.


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