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Enjoy the Ice Rink This Winter with Cruelty-Free Skates
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Enjoy the Ice Rink This Winter with Cruelty-Free Skates

Going to the ice rink every winter with my family over Christmas break is one of those traditions that give a redeeming quality to the frozen temperatures us northerners have to endure. Gliding on the fresh ice until my cheeks turn red and I cannot feel my feet is something I look forward to each year. You can call me crazy; that’s fair. However, it would be a shame to dismiss winter sports altogether before trying.

There is, however, a small caveat. Most skating equipment is traditionally made from non-vegan materials like leather and suede. Now, I don’t know about you but I have no interest in wearing something that may come from baby lambskins.  

Before you rush to the ice rink, consider buying one of these cruelty-free ice skates.

1.       Custom made ice skates with Clarino

Clarino is a synthetic material that aims to duplicate leather’s complex structure. Its use in the production of ice skates boots is rather new but the company Riedell has started offering it in their custom-made options. You can contact their customer service at

2.       EDEA Brio

The EDEA Brio, one of the lighter skates on the market, is intended for beginners. The thickness of the sole is smaller compared to regular ice skates, which gives the person wearing them a lower center of gravity. It makes for a great experience on the ice with more control and stability.

3.       EDEA ice fly

Like its sister, the EDEA Brio, the Ice Fly is a lightweight skate. It is however designed with performers in mind. If you have been looking for a vegan pair of ice skates to do your double, triple, and quadruple jumps, this is the one for you.

Unfortunately, there is no company offering exclusively ethical skates on the market at the present moment. That will hopefully change in the next few years. Until then, raising the demand for such products is sure to produce change.

*Picture Credit: Michael Bentley Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

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    Wow! I had no idea vegan ice skates existed! And I am so glad they do.


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