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Endangered Hammerhead Sharks Go On Sale As Food in China
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Endangered Hammerhead Sharks Go On Sale As Food in China

The news regularly features animal abuse scandals that reveal how cruel humans can be to exploit and hurt the world's beautiful creatures. One of the latest food/animal scandals is the discovery of hammerhead sharks that were on sale in China’s Province of Hainan. 

  • Endangered Meat For Sale

What happened was that 100 endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks were on sale at a market, for approximately $2 per pound. One of the people walking through the market noticed these animals and posted the images on Chinese social media. Authorities soon heard about what was going on and they removed the sharks. They are investigating exactly what happened. It is thought the sharks could have been hunted and killed because their fins are so valuable - they are used to make shark fin soup. This is regarded as a delicacy in Asia.

  • Scalloped Hammerheads: Fragile Species 

It’s sad to think that even though trade of this species of shark is restricted, the sharks are still in demand for their meat and hunters will go out of their way to get it. Scalloped hammerhead sharks are the first sharks to be on the United States’ Endangered Species List. Sadly, they are not likely to survive being captured as the stress proves too much for them. Often, they die even if they get released back into the ocean. 

  • Shark Finning Dangers 

Besides for the unnecessary killing of sharks, which is bad enough, sharks undergo a lot of trauma when they are killed for their fins. The fins are sliced off while the shark is alive. Then, the shark is thrown into the ocean where it will suffer for days before dying. Causes of death inlude starvation from not being able to hunt for food, to not moving - sharks need to be on the move in order to get enough oxygen from the water. Without fins, they cannot get oxygen, so they face a painful death. 


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