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Eggs ... Not all they're cracked up to be
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Eggs ... Not all they're cracked up to be

Don't get me wrong. I'm a huge fan of the incredible, edible egg. (Sorry, I'm working my way through pescatarian - vegetarian - and onward, for the vegan out there.) In fact, for the several years of my adolescence when they were out in terms of the cholesterol-friendly diet, I spent many a breakfast yearing for them.

But when one is already elbows deep in a banana bread recipe and it's a miracle you could open the fridge with your dough-covered hands and the egg holders are ... empty, it's time to go to Plan B.

Typically, eggs' function in baking is twofold: Add fat for richness; add moisture to bind ingredients. it's not really the taste. You don't need it to make bread rise. And it's not adding something spiffy to your mix in terms of leaving it a pretty yellow color at the end of it all.

The quick fix when you're eggless (or if you're looking to make a mix that calls for eggs vegan friendly) is the yogurt in your fridge. Greek yogurt is best, due to its tendency to be more (I'm going to go with) sturdy. It helps your dough retain its shape while adding moisture to your mix. Bonus: It's going to add richness to your goodies, too, if you nix the fat-free stuff and dip into your organic, all natural types.

Depending on what you're whipping up, you can get away with using vanilla yogurt most of the type. Think about it as the equivalent of substituting olive oil for vegetable when you're out. If it's a dark, chocolate-y mix or has a strong flavor already, then you're gold. If not, then you're better of sticking to unflavored.

Anyone else had success with eggless recipes? Let me know ...

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  1. Carolyn
    Vote #2! Welcome New Yorker to The Flaming Vegan from a Southern Alabama Girl!
  2. Loca Serpiente
    Mmmm.... I have a bit of a concern here: you say that substituting yoghurt for eggs makes a recipe vegan. That isn't true. Yoghurt isn't vegan... If you really want to give a recipe the consistency it needs while making it vegan, substitute with a bit of nut oil - almond is my fave - and some soy margarine. That's what my mom did for my cookie recipe and they turned out just as chewy and moist as hers.


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