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Edamame Hummus
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Edamame Hummus

Edamame are simply young green soybeans in the pod and are picked before they ripen. We usually by them frozen after they have been parboiled.  Not only are they delicious, they're a good source of complete protein, high in fiber, a source of essential omega 3 fat, and rich in calcium, iron, zinc and B vitamins.

They are superb on their own and prepared with a hint of sea salt. However, I decided to mix them into hummus to create a powerhouse dip.  Hummus on it's own is high in iron and vitamin C and also has significant amounts of folate and vitamin B6. The chickpeas make it a good source of protein and dietary fiber; the tahini consists mostly of sesame seeds, which are an excellent source of the amino acid methionine, complementing the proteins in the chickpeas (wikipedia).

With the addition of some fersh cilantro and baked pita chips (Stacy's are my favorite) you have the perfect lunch that will keep you energized throughout your afternoon.

  • 1 10 ounce container of prepared hummus
  • 2 cups shelled and thawed edamame
  • 1 cup chopped fresh cilantro
  • 1/4 extra virgin olive oil
  • Put all ingredients in a foodprocessor or blender and mix until smooth.
  • Garnish with toasted sesame seeds


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Sweet Ozarks Girl
    Sweet Ozarks Girl
    Love edamame! Sometimes I think I could live off of them. So glad I can buy them shelled now. For a long time, it seemed they were only available in the shell. Nice to see a recipe for them. Thank you!
  2. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    I love them too! And what a treat for them to be so good for you. I buy mine shelled at a health food store, but I am pretty sure that they are available at most grocery stores - that way you can eat them faster!


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