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Eating in Rhode Island
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Eating in Rhode Island

What’s going on in Rhode Island is quite thrilling. Imagine walking into a vegan theme park with a guide in hand, telling you where and what everything is. Farm Fresh is your map, and Rhode Island is your vegan amusement park. From east to west there are farmers to meet, produce to try, lessons to learn and activities to throw you into. I am a Rhode Island resident and I can’t walk half a mile in one direction without seeing a farmers market set up in an open area. Remember the food isn’t only healthier at these vendors, it’s inexpensive, and the history, and stories behind the fruits and vegetables can be heard right from the farmers mouths. Rhode Island is the place to be.

The Ocean State of Rhode Island has this big organization I’d like to introduce called “Farm Fresh RI.” If you haven’t heard about it you haven’t lived, and it will be well worth the travel to take a trip to RI to experience the wonders that Farm Fresh presents. Farm Fresh RI is a directory of fresh healthy food. The listing includes: farmers markets—public markets, wholesale markets, and yes, of course, food fests, and community events! Farm Fresh gives us a peak at how convenient fresh food distribution is in Rhode Island and just how great it would be to live a vegan life there.

Healthy products are delivered to food pantries, to schools, veggie boxes are delivered right to work locations, community centers, hospitals and more. Through this great business of “Market Mobile” you can order healthy products just as simple as ordering take-out food and that’s a life worth living for. There is an endless amount of resourceful information on the Farm Fresh website extending to lessons and recipes for kids, parents, and senior centers. Programs vary from at-risk youth making local food products to healthy family programs.

Healthy Snacks Delivered Monthly
  1. Veganara
    Voted. Nice article. I would love to visit Rhode Island after reading this!
  2. leafling
    I love Rhode Island; my father and I traveled there from our house in Florida to go to the Newport Folk Festival. This just makes me want to go again! :D


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