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Eating Vegan at Disney World
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Eating Vegan at Disney World

Planning a trip to Disney World? While you hear a lot about ice cream and turkey legs, there are actually plenty of great places to eat animal free. The trick is to plan ahead. Keep in mind that you aren't likely to get all healthy food while in Disney World, but you can stick to vegan eats. 

First, keep in mind that you can bring snacks into the parks. I recommend this if you are with young kids, because they may not be able to wait for you to find suitable food. Carry some veggie chips, granola bars or something similar with you for eating emergencies.

If you are going to a sit down meal, keep in mind that you can ask for a menu with the vegan meals marked. Most place will also make adjustments as needed to provide you with specific meals for your needs. 


Snacks are really easy to find. The popcorn throughout the parks is vegan, even though it looks covered in butter. Soft pretzels are also vegan.

You can find fruit salads throughout Disney World, as well. These make great healthy snacks for kids and adults. 

Light Meals

If you have a big breakfast in the morning, you may not need to eat a big meal while at the park. In this case, a vegan burrito (skip the sour cream) at Tortuga Tavern or a Garden Salad without chicken at a variety of restaurants will tide you over. Cosmic Ray's also have veggie sandwiches, though you'll need to check that the bread is vegan.

In Epcot, you can enjoy some chips and guacamole in Mexico, or an Iceberg Wedge salad at Liberty Inn. 

Real Meals

If you're pretty hungry, you'll need something a bit more substantial. Fortunately, you have some options! In any buffet, you can call ahead with your dietary specifications. A chef will take you through the offerings to let you know which options are vegan. This may be your best bet if you want to enjoy a bigger meal with characters.

In the Magic Kingdom, you can get veggie burgers at Cosmic Ray's or Starlight Cafe. Just ask about the bread. Epcot's Sunshine Seasons has several vegetarian options that can be customized. The Vegetable Noodle Bowl here is also vegan. The Falafel on the veggie plate in Tangierine Cafe at Epcot is a good option, as well. 

Hollywood Studios also offers a Grilled Vegetable Sandwich at the Backlot Express and a Vegetarian Cheeseburger at Rosie's All-American Cafe, both of which can be ordered without the cheese and sides.

When in doubt, ask! Cast members should be more than happy to give you the ingredient list for any meal or let you know which meals are completely animal product free.

You should be able to call ahead to find out what the vegan options are in any given restaurant. If you are making reservations, this will work very well. You can also get more ideas from vegan Disney forums, from people who have just return from the parks. 


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  1. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    Thanks for the tips! This is a handy guide for vegans going to Disney. If I ever make it there (and my children are working on that, believe me) I will keep these things in mind.
  2. VeganInNJ
    Here are a few other great options as well. When I went this past January, I had a number of great meals that were completely off menu. When you make your ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) let them know about your dietary restriction. Disney sees people from all over the planet and can accomodate almost any kind of diet WITH advanced notice. When I got to my dining destination, they stamped my reservation with "allergy" and we were seated. The waitress would ask who has the allergy and what was the allergy. I would say I'm a vegan and they would get the Chef. The Chef would walk the buffet with me, pointing out what was vegan. Every Chef wsa eager to make something off menu. This was hit or miss. Some of it was great, some not so much. We had 2 charater breakfasts; At Akerhus-Norway pavilion @ EPCOT Princess breakfast. Great meal, Van's waffle with a fruit compote, a side of potatoes and sauteed swiss chard. Hollwood and Vine @ MGM (still can't call it Disney Hollywood Studios) Charater breakfast. Had breakfast tacos with tofu and sauteed veggies. Did well @ Cosmic rays. but, anywhere that has burgers has the burger fixins bar will do well for you. I ditched the bun and LOADED the burger with all sorts of goodies. Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge was by far the frinedliest place there were a TON of vegan options and the chef surprised me with a vegan brownie and raspberry sorbet! Had dinner at Sci Fi in @ MGM. Not a great meal. Overcooked Pasta with tofu in an oversalted tomato sauce and a freezer burned apple sorbet. I contacted Earl of Sandwich (which is in Downtown Disney. At the time I went, they said they were swtiching bread bakers and couldn't determine if the bread was Vegan or not. Also, there is Babycakes NYC in Downdown Disney. Yes, it's vegan. Yes, it's a treat, Yes, it's expensive. You're on vacation! Live a little ;) I also brought a bit of stuff from home. Some things that I knew I couldn't get whike down there. I really enjoyed having the E2 crackers (i brought both plain and 3 seed from Whole Foods Market) and Justin's Almond butter singles (I've seen them in lots of places...Including Target) Like the article says, there's a lot of fresh fruit options in all the parks. They are expensive. But, some days ya just need a apple or an orange. If you can bring them from home, I would suggest trying. I hope this is helpful. I LOOVE Disney. Can't wait to go back in Oct 2014 :)
    1. Blanca Verome
      Blanca Verome
      Wow, excellent tips! Thank you very much!
  3. LiveHealthyNow
  4. LiveHealthyNow
    thanks for the tips, VOTED, Pasted my latest below, enjoy


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