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Tips for Eating Vegan During Your Travels
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Tips for Eating Vegan During Your Travels

Travelling is one the most amazing, fulfilling, incredible, daunting, overwhelming, and stressful tasks in the world. So much planning goes into making a trip fantastic. You have to think about what you’re packing, where you’re staying, how you’ll travel around, what you’re eating, how much money you’re spending and a myriad of other things. So it seems fair to assume that worrying about your health often falls lower on the totem pole than some of your other requirements for travel.  

As women, it can be especially challenging to maintain good health while travelling due to health issues that affect women more than men, such as heart disease and autoimmune disorders. Women should also remember to take special health precautions during travel in order to maintain gynecological and reproductive health.  

Individuals who have pre-determined disorders should be even more careful during travel.  It is difficult enough to get good healthcare in your home country let alone a country totally foreign to you, so be sure you understand the risks of travelling with chronic diseases.

So what can we do to ease the stresses of travelling and healthcare?

Eating vegan on the road can be beneficial for a number of reasons; vegan diets are fairly low in fatty acids, therefore gastric concerns can be lessened, your body doesn’t have to adjust too much to support foreign foods you might encounter while on the road, you can be sure not to offend any cultures you might visit by eating sacred meats, and many more. Here is a list of healthy habits to fall into while maintaining a vegan diet away from home:

  • Locate natural grocers: Before you leave for a foreign country or city, be sure to do some research about where to find all-natural grocery stores in the area.
  • Prepare to prepare your own meal: Before finalizing your packing checklist, make sure you have a hot plate or something similar to make cooking your own meals easier on the road.
  • Bring along extra proteins: Protein is often the missing ingredient from a vegan’s diet, so be sure to bring additional protein powders to help supplement meals that are a bit lacking.
  • Request a fridge: Oftentimes, hotel rooms come with mini-fridges for storing your own food, but in the event your hotel does not be sure to request one before arriving so you can safely store the foods you brought from home or bought at the local grocer.
  • Visit city bloggers: For most cities, it will be fairly easy to locate a food blog for that particular region that offers vegan, vegetarian and carnivore options. Be sure to do your research, bloggers have some good advice to give.

Something that, too often, goes overlooked is the concept of health while adventuring. Be aware that foreign foods are often prepared, seasoned and cooked differently than what you are used to. Plan ahead for food delays by meal prepping for yourself. Eating all natural, organic and vegan food while overseas will help temper the tummy pains that often accompany travel.

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