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Easy Green Smoothies for Breakfast
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Easy Green Smoothies for Breakfast

Smoothies are some of my favorite breakfasts, particularly on those days when you have to run out the door in no time flat. As long as you have the ingredients on hand, you can whip up some very tasty green smoothies in no time flat.

Why Green?

Most people are familiar with fruit smoothies, but there is a really good reason to add some greens to your favorite flavors. Just a couple handful of spinach or kale will boost the fiber in your morning shake. Not only that, but you get a good bump in nutrition, too. 

Just one cup of spinach has over 50% of your daily dose of Vitamin A and 14% of your necessary Vitamin C. Kale is even better, with a whopping 133% Vitamin A and 134% Vitamin C. I suggest starting out with spinach, since this doesn't have a strong taste.

How to Make the Perfect Smoothie

The trick to making a really awesome green smoothie is to choose flavors that blend well together. A favorite around here is strawberries with bananas. You can choose anything you like, of course, but here are a few great fruit combinations:

- blueberries with banana

- plums and raspberries

- oranges and raspberries

- papaya and peaches

- strawberries and guava

Of course, you can go with just one flavor, if you prefer, or boost it up to three or four. Sometimes I make a real fruit punch with all the leftover bits and pieces in the fridge. Avoid apples unless you like foamy drinks.

You will need at least one or two bananas, plus another cup or two of fruit, depending on whether you want to make one or two smoothies.

Once you've chosen your fruit, you need a liquid to go with it. Traditionally, yogurt or milk is used, but for the vegan option, try almond or coconut milk or some orange juice. You can also try apple juice or even just plain water.

Other Additions

If you want a little extra oomph to your green smoothie, add a little sunbutter, a squeeze of lime, some parsley or a spoonful of protein powder or tofu. 

Blend everything up and you have a delicious, filling breakfast smoothie that is really, really good for you. I love to serve these to my kids, too. We call them Shrek shakes!

What are your favorite smoothie combos?

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  1. kristo
    these all sound so good, especially with guava. will have to try some of your mixes :)
  2. muttley0414
    My morning starts with: my base of - 1 Orange(small) 1 Apple 2 Carrots 2 Celery stalks then a little of whatever else might be in the fridge that needs to be "used"... then we add the yogurt and a banana... ...that said we're going to begin adding MORE green stuff now...


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