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Easy Coconut-Lime Rice Pudding
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Easy Coconut-Lime Rice Pudding

A very simple recipe for a delicious, tropical rice pudding infused with coconut and lime. Kaffir lime leaves have a beautiful, fragrant flavour and can be found at most East Asian grocers. If you have a hard time finding the leaves, this recipe will work without them, kaffir leaves just add a perfume-like flavour.

1 cup rice (of your choice, I used white, long grain)

2 cups water

1 cup coconut milk

Zest of one lime

4 kaffir lime leaves

1-tablespoon vegetable oil

Sugar to taste

Palm syrup/maple syrup or your favourite syrup

Simmer rice, water, coconut milk, oil, lime leaves and zest until rice is soft and all the liquid has been absorbed. This will take between twenty to forty minutes. Remove from heat, remove lime leaves, and stir in sugar.

Allow to cool slightly before serving. Drizzle with palm syrup (or syrup of your choice) and freshly cut fruit.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    This IS easy. And sounds like a great alternative to rice pudding. Voted! Have you checked out my article on B12 deficiencies yet? Cheers!
  2. Carolyn
    Vote #4!
  3. Roopam
    This reminds me of an Indian rice dessert called 'kheer' that's cooked in milk and sugar. This is great vegan of that with coconut milk and with the lime leaves am quite sure would taste wonderful. Voted!
  4. Carolyn
    Looks like you are in line for Top Posts!
  5. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    This sounds absolutely delicious. Of course I love anything coconut. Check out my recent post for baked oatmeal with fresh berries - it uses coconut milk and shredded coconut. Voted!
  6. Carolyn
    Congrats for making Top Posts!
  7. Carolyn
    Fellow writer, you may feel that you would rather save your votes for someone that does not recieve many votes. You may not be aware that votes from our friends and family members that vote only on our articles does not count as much as someone that votes for many varied writers. Although the crew at the Flaming Vegan will not reveal all that goes into the choice for Top Posts, the crew has written me revealing this information. To prove that the articles that receive the most votes, do not always make Top Posts, consider my recent article on pizza that received 13 votes, but did not make Top Posts! Again, consideration for your vote for my articles is appreciated!


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