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Happy Cow App Makes Veg Life Easier
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Happy Cow App Makes Veg Life Easier

The concepts of vegetarianism and veganism have become more common in today’s world. People understand the benefits of having a vegetable based diet and many of them support the ethical treatment of animals as well.

But despite the fact that this lifestyle is being more openly adopted by people, there are still many places where one cannot easily find vegan food on a regular basis. That is why, if you are a vegan traveler going to a new place and can’t find a restaurant that meets your needs, you should download your Happy Cow app today.

What is Happy Cow?

Happy Cow has been a leader online vegan restaurant guide since 1999. You could always go to and look for such restaurants near your location or in your city. With the rise in smartphone and portable technology, the makers of Happy Cow have decided to take their expertise mobile as well.

Happy Cow Makes Finding Vegan Food Easy:

There are many people who have difficulties adjusting to a new place that they are travelling to, especially if they have certain dietary requirements that have to be met. Vegans and vegetarians are among the top categories on that list. If you download your Happy Cow app today, you can easily use it to:

  • Locate restaurants and stores that serve vegan products near you.
  • Fine-tune your search results according to zip code or address.
  • Sort your results on the basis of cuisine types. You can search for non-vegetarian and vegetarian, as well as vegan food separately.
  • Easily decide which restaurant you would like visit based on its reviews and price point. You can even check what times these restaurants will be open and decide when you can go.
  • Add places as ‘favorites’ so that you can easily access them again when you want.

The Community Aspect of the App Makes It Stronger:

Perhaps the best part of the app, and also the online website, is the community aspect of it. You can easily add new options that you discover in any new place to the app. This also ensures that vegans that come to that place in the future will have restaurant recommendations from actual people who have previously used them.

If you can take some time out and take a picture of the place you have liked and upload it to the online catalog, it might be of a lot of help to other people who have problems just like yours.

So if you ever decide to take a trip to somewhere new and have some dietary restrictions, downloading your Happy Cow app can help you a lot. You can even look for places to eat at while on the road so that you have an idea of where to go in advance. This whole system of restaurant recommendations is available to those who don’t have smartphones as well. They can easily go to Happy Cow’s website and use it for the same features that the app has.

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  1. Support
    Thanks for the wildly helpful info! We're downloading our Happy Cow app as we speak!
  2. Hauptbahnhof
    This is very useful. Having an application for this is quite handy. But I don't use my smartphone for internet usually. I'm conservative here. I make calls more often. And it's important for me to check for area codes which I do here


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