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Don't Flush Big Cats Away!
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Don't Flush Big Cats Away!

It's no secret that Tigers are rapidly becoming a species endangered of being wiped out. As an avid cat lover, I find it terribly distressing that there is so little attention brought to the precarious situation that Sumatran Tigers are in. There are fewer than 400 of these beautiful creatures left in the Sumatran rainforests, and that number is rapidly declining. The reason? Their rainforests are being logged away by two big companies that manufacture toilet paper, Livi and Paseo. Surely there is somewhere else these big companies can find trees. Their exploitation of the gorgeous rainforests of Sumatra has resulted in about 5 million acres of paper products. That's a lot of trees. And it is the home to the Sumatran Tigers. 

While I don't profess to be any radical animal rights advocates - I'm definitely not - I care about animals all over the world and when I see that there is any easy fix for a bad problem, I'd like to point it out. So, if you see any toilet paper products stamped with the trademark of Paseo or Livi manufacturers, maybe you could pass it up and buy another product instead. Before long there won't be any Sumatran Tigers in the world, except those kept in the confines of zoos. Make a difference today and spread the word about Paseo and Livi's unforgivable trespass onto Tiger territory. 

Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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