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Don’t be a Drip! Landscaping Rules for Saving Water in the Garden
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Don’t be a Drip! Landscaping Rules for Saving Water in the Garden

 Having a beautiful garden that is not eco-friendly can lead to water waste. But this can easily be changed just by implementing some water saving rules. Here are the top ten: 

  • 1. Choose indigenous plants that will be easier to maintain because they will require much less water than other plants.
  • 2. In the hotter months, water your garden early in the mornings when the soil is more absorbent. This also prevents plants from getting dehydrated later in the day.
  • 3. Use mulch in the garden because it boosts the soil’s moisture. But watch that it doesn’t crust as this can actually form a barrier to water.
  • 4. Make use of raised vegetable gardens so that you have less area of the ground to water. This directs water to where you need it.  
  • 5. Recycle water that goes to waste indoors which you can use to hydrate your garden. This water can be gained from the leftover water when washing clothes or dishes.
  • 6. Test the soil for hydration before you turn on the hose. You can do this by pushing your finger into the ground and making sure that the first two inches of soil are dry. 
  • 7. Make use of shady spots. These are great locations for plants or flowers because they will keep the ground cool. Just make sure what you’re planting here doesn’t need large amounts of sun.
  • 8. Choose plants that don’t require much water. Examples include cacti, California lilac, Tickweed and Dusty miller. 
  • 9. Give it some space! When watering your lawn and perennials, it’s more water wise to give them larger amounts of water at longer intervals than regular, small amounts of water. Surface watering techniques can lead to shallow rooting of plants. 
  • 10. If you have a water feature in the garden, make sure it’s not leaking as this can waste up to thousands of gallons of water every year!  

 *Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.



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