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Don’t Throw Those Out! 4 Tasty Uses for Old Bananas
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Don’t Throw Those Out! 4 Tasty Uses for Old Bananas

It’s sad to throw out food that can still be used, even if you think your produce has become gnarly. When you become vegan, you probably gain a greater respect for what food goes through to reach your plate and how important it is not to take for granted those foods that are free of animal products (especially ’cause it might sometimes feels difficult to locate them!). With that in mind, here is why you shouldn’t throw away overripe bananas. They can become tasty treats! 

  • Use Them to Replace Dairy

Overripe bananas can be great in recipes such as smoothies because they are mushier and creamier, giving your smoothies a thickness that doesn’t require any dairy at all. Start your morning with a delicious banana smoothie that will keep you going all day!

  • Slice Them Over Warm Waffles

Since the bananas are so soft already, they’ll melt easily when you place slices of them onto your warm waffles. Such a great treat for an autumn morning! Not a fan of waffles? Place the banana pieces between two slices of bread and lather on the almond butter. Delish!

  • Make Banana Bread

Using overripe bananas in banana bread recipes is a great idea because the fruit will give the bread extra sweetness. The great thing is that you can also freeze banana bread, so you’ll be able to get more deliciousness from it.

  • Enjoy Banana Popsicles

What could be more fun than popsicles? Here’s an easy recipe (just ditch the yogurt!) that the kids will love.


There you go. Now the next time you have some bananas neglected in your fruit basket, don’t throw them out. Obviously if they’re really off or mouldy, then they should be tossed into the bin, but if they’re overripe use and enjoy them.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. VeganAdriana
    Or peel them and put them in the freezer for ice cream :)


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