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Dog Shaming or Funny Pictures?
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Dog Shaming or Funny Pictures?

This is one of the articles that was posted on this morning. I was interested by it because it shows so well how some people point out what they believe to be animal abuse, while others tell that person to stop being so childish because animal abuse is only kicking your cat or dog.

What is this about? The author is talking about a practice that dog owners have started because they feel that they have a funny story to tell. If you're not reading the article carefully, it seems as though the author is denouncing this as an act of abuse. One only has to read the introduction paragraph in bold to see that she thinks it's funny. And I agree.

However, some animal rights activists - or some people who want to protect animals, at the very least - are claiming that this author is publicizing a practice that should not exist. They say that the animals feel something, and that this is shaming them to a point of damaging them psychologically. They also point out that if they were taking similar pictures of children, this would not be 'funny', but surely frowned upon and perhaps even banned.

At the very opposite end, there are those that we all know and love as vegans - those that claim that animals don't even have feelings and barely even understand why we punish them. They are telling this one particular responder that she should calm down and let the people take these pictures because... well, they're funny. And the dogs won't remember that it happened the following day.

My take on this: the owners saw that their lovable pet did something wrong. They want to vent their frustration, all the while understanding that these animals often don't quite understand why we tell them to stop doing some of the things that just come naturally to them. So, to help them get over the initial anger, they take funny pictures and let their friends and a few strangers enjoy them.

What do you think? Funny pictures, or animal abuse?


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Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. Whitney Metz
    Whitney Metz
    I really enjoyed this and I actually think that the "dog shaming" pictures are really funny, mostly because my dogs have done almost everything I have ever seen there. I don't feel that it's abuse in any way. I think the people who post the pictures love their dogs and that's why they make a joke about the dogs' bad behavior. I think only people who truly loves their dogs are able to find humor in these sorts of things.
    1. SnakeWitch
      I've only ever had cats and this is the type of thing that I might do if I still had them! They're funny, but I understand the frustration that the owners are going through right now, too. It's like having children. They'll always do something to make people upset.
  2. Veganara
    Voted. This is a thought-provoking blog: I can't see anything wrong with those pics, they are just funny! I doubt very much that the dogs are psychologically damaged by them, even though they do share a lot of human emotions. However, what I DO feel is wrong is this current celebrity craze of dying poodles pink, etc; even if the dye does them no harm physically, it just sends out the message that pets are just objects and accessories, so it is OK for people to treat them in a really casual, cavalier way. And that is how so many of them end up on death row in shelters! Completely irresponsible pet owners like that. Come and have a look at my new recipe, Rocking Red Pesto, I think you might enjoy it! :-)
    1. oooowow
      I've actually seen some of these before--and actually shared one on my Facebook page.I do a lot of pet rescue so whenever I can share a FUNNY picture instead of a truly heartbreaking one, I seize the opportunity. If you wanna talk abuse and shaming--how about some of those costumes people put on their animals--and NOT just at Halloween...I say to the people who found abuse in these photos--save your outrage and fight for genuine abuse--and if you haven't seen those photos, friend me on Facebook and I'm happy to share them with you......
    2. LibbyTreats
      Yes, Veganara... dying your dog's hair is pure stupidity and only for vanity of the owner.
    3. SnakeWitch
      I have to agree. Using a dog - or any other pet, for that matter - as an accessory is just wrong.
  3. LibbyTreats
    I agree with Whitney. I think it is just a way of sharing "Look what my dog did..." with people. I think people are making light of the situation when they post their pictures.
    1. SnakeWitch
  4. Katapoet
    Wow. those people must have a very limited sense of humor, not to see how much the dogs loved doing the thing they were photographed doing. Voted.
    1. SnakeWitch


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