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Does Your Orange Juice Have a Life Force?
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Does Your Orange Juice Have a Life Force?

Ethyl Butyrate. No, this isn’t the name of a long lost aunt. It is one of the many chemicals lurking in your morning glass of OJ. When bottled orange juice is made, oranges are machine-squeezed, pasteurized and then kept in giant vats for a year. The pasteurization process removes the oxygen from the juice, thus killing the enzymes and nutrients living within the juice. It also strips the juice of any discernable taste and smell.

Juice companies hire flavor/fragrance companies to design what is known as a flavor pack. These flavor packs are chemicals that add the smell and taste back into the liquid we know as orange juice. (ABC News did a report on these hidden ingredients in December 2011.) These flavor/fragrance companies have discovered that the American palate prefers the taste of Ethyl Butyrate, so Ethyl Butyrate is found in American flavor packs. Every juice company purchases its own specific flavor pack, which is why TropicanaⓇ, Minute MaidⓇ and Florida’s NaturalⓇ each have their own unique taste. Since the nutrition is also wiped out with the pasteurization process, artificial vitamins are added back into the liquid as well, which is usually listed as “Vitamin D Fortified.” OJ companies do not need to label flavor packs on their ingredient list because the chemicals in the flavor packs come from oranges. Problem is, these specific oranges are grown in countries with different laws than the US and therefore American-banned fungicides, like Carbendazim, are found on those oranges that are used in American flavor packs.

This information has recently been brought to the general public’s attention by Dr. Oz on his television show. So don’t be fooled by bottles that advertise “straight from the grove,” “natural flavors,” “never from concentrate.” Bottled OJ contains stripped liquid, flavor packs, and other additives like preservatives and fortified vitamins. In fresh-squeezed OJ we find living enzymes, a variety of naturally-occurring vitamins and nutrients, and a real orange flavor and smell. Since our bodies are alive our cells can tell the difference between putting something dead or alive into our temple…living juice has a life force that is significantly different and better for you than bottled OJ.

The best way to enjoy orange juice is quite simple: squeeze a few organic oranges (or use a juicer) into a glass and voila! The most delicious, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth nutritional beverage you’ve ever tasted. So long Ethyl Butyrate!

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  1. Carolyn
    DeeDreamsColors thanks for the information on orange juice!
  2. Carolyn
    Congrats for making Top Posts!
  3. kimmamalove
    ugh, I had only read the first paragraph of this when you first wrote this, and then checked my Florida's Natural container. It didn't have Ethyl Butyrate listed, so I bought more of the same brand. Now I'm finally reading the whole article and am so bummed that flavor packs "do not need to be listed". So deceiving.
  4. Akanksha
    Just came across your post...too bad! don't know what t pick up from the store..
  5. sweedly
    Having lived in Florida where there are several juice plants, we never bought bottled orange juice at stores but went straight to the local groves where we got oranges straight from the trees and gallons of fresh squeezed juice. However, now I am in PA and it is a struggle just finding oranges grown in the United States. Voted.


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