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Do be a vegan and get relief from acidity
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Do be a vegan and get relief from acidity

If acidity is a problem, which pesters you often, you should consider being a vegan, as a vegan diet can help you to overcome acidity to a certain extent. A non-vegetarian diet consists of fat and this causes acidity to some extent. Mostly vegetarian food is devoid of preservatives and color. A vegetarian diet is free of fat and only full of nutrients.

It’s better to control acidity with diet rather than medication. Medication is an easy way out to control any disease, but as you must have heard the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so it’s advisable to prevent acidity with a vegan diet rather than cure it with medication. You can grow vegan food like tomato, beetroots and carrots in your backyard. You must have these foods in your diet daily and see the difference even in your acidity levels and even to control lifestyle diseases like controlling blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. Try vegan food and see the difference!!!

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  1. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Great thoughts - there are so many ways to treat ailments naturally, even with small diet changes! Voted - dont forget to vote for yourself. Check out my blueberry mint lemonade post and vote if you like!
  2. sanjoo67
    Good post! Even though I am not a vegan yet, I am enriched by the facts and interested in knowing more about the benefits of vegan diet.
  3. Akanksha
    True..acidity is best controlled with diet..lot of fiber and avoiding things that stimulate are the best cures for acidity...and I speak that from experience!
  4. SatinsLove
    Excellent article, will take some points and use them in my daily life too. thank you so much for sharing :D..... Rohan
  5. Veganara
    Vote no 8. Great advice, I have heard that vegetables are almost all strongly alkaline, which is beneficial to the body. I read an article recently which said it has been proved that cancer cells can only flourish in an acidic environment, so if your biochemistry is mostly alkaline, the theory is you shouldn't get it! I know that meat and dairy products are causative of many cancers, at any rate, so I 'm glad I don't eat them any more. Besides all the other reasons!
  6. evalovesbend
    Great advice! Voted. Check out my post the art of popsicles and vote if you like it:)


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