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Ditch the Doctor! Heal Yourself with Plant Power
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Ditch the Doctor! Heal Yourself with Plant Power

I put it to you, fellow vegans, that our job is not only to spread the word about veganism and to fight the murder and exploitation of animals but also to promote the incredible healing power of plants. People will be inspired into veganism for many different reasons; for some, it will be for the animals, for others the impact of the meat industry on the environment, while others are more interested in the health benefits of a plant-based diet. For this last group especially, let us spread the word of plants as medicine. It simply can’t not make sense to anyone with half a brain. I mean, you don’t hear of anyone eating steak to cure a migraine, pork chops for asthma, or hot dogs for heartburn. Every nutrient that we need for our health comes from the earth, and yes that includes B12 and protein.

I personally can testify as to the incredible healing powers of Earth’s fauna. Here are some of the plants which have helped just me personally over the decades: Aloe vera for IBS; Cranberry and uva-ursi for UTI infections (we’ve all been there, right ladies?). For (literally a hundred) years I suffered from chronic cystitis, it it was THE FREAKING WORST. Cranberry would ease the pain a little. At one point it was so severe that I couldn’t move, so after research discovered a magical berry named uva ursi, and I’ve never had cystitis since; mucuna pruriens for wellbeing; valerian root for sleep; and ginger for sinusitis. Yep, that’s a long list of ailments – I’m totally that person. Everything from slipped discs to heart palpitations to poisonous centipede bites, I get it all.

My latest amazing plant friend is milk thistle, for ovarian cysts. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 2 decades years ago, and in that time not a single doctor suggested milk thistle to me – despite the fact that it appears to be the perfect solution for this exact thing. This wonderful healing herb came to me thanks to a delightful Russian herbologist named Olga Maletina. Olga’s plant-based story is a fascinating one. Growing up in her home country, her family were relatively poor and ate mostly potatoes, seasonal veg and very little meat. She then went to the USA to study, and found herself surrounded by all kinds of exciting new foods! Cheese, meats, cookies, white pasta and even more cheese became her new way of life. Due to this sudden change of diet it only took a short time before she became sick – hypothyroidism, lack of energy, loss of hair, ovarian cysts and an overactive bladder. She was overweight and started wearing prescription glasses after her eyesight started failing.

Long story short, just as the universe later led me to Olga, the universe led Olga to someone who told her to watch Forks Over Knives, and that’s where her journey to veganism began. She is now a picture of stunning vitality and promotes plant-based health for a living. The moral to this story is – when we spread the message the right way, it works! Maybe you will meet the right person at the right time, and tell them to watch one of the great vegan documentaries. And maybe you will save their life. In the meantime – drop your prescription meds and find some plants for any health problems you might have – trust me, there is a plant, root, herb or legume out there for almost everything. Check some of them out here!


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  1. Sue Chehrenegar
    Years ago, after I had moved to Albuquerque, NM, a friend of my encouraged me to get together with some of the local inhabitants that loved to learn about wildflowers. One Saturday I joined them for a short hike in a wooded area. At the end of the hike, I told them that I had had a good time, but that I was pursuing a career in biomedical research, which does not really relate to wildflowers. One of the women said, but the first medicines were all made from some type of plant.


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