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Did I eat flesh?
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Did I eat flesh?

I remember being told by a friend to stop eating "flesh" if I wanted to be rid of many of my physical ailments... especially my back problem.

I thought, "Flesh? I do not eat flesh. I eat meat. And, what's meat got to do with back pain."

Flesh is for cannibals

For some reason, flesh to me sounded barbaric... cannibalistic. Not the word meat, though. It was like he was insinuating I ate human flesh. But there is really no difference between the two.

According to, "flesh (n) is the soft substance of a human or other animal body, consisting of muscle and fat." On the other hand, "meat (n) is the flesh of animals used for food." Same difference.

Back pain is related to eating habits

After some research, the connection between back pain and meat eating finally dawned on me. There is more excessive unused energy from meat eating— using of animal products— than from a plant-based diet. Now, that coupled with lack of exercise, I realized, have been the primary reason the excessive unused energy is then deposited and stored as fats in places on our bodies we usually do not want. And fats, in turn, help shape the physiques of all males and females on this planet—including myself. That's where the stress on my back comes in.

Shifting weight causes pain

When there is too much of my belly hanging from my abdomen, it shifts my weights disproportionately to the front of my body causing the muscles in my back to adjust, and sometimes work harder than other torso balancing muscles for optimal support and balance of the body. In time, stress and pain kick in and become part of daily existence.

I'm here to tell you, it's no fun.

Now, armed with this, I turned to the bulk of research on plant-based food. "What is the difference between eating flesh and fruits and veggies?"

Big difference!

Fruits and veggies are original food for humans

For one thing, (and I keep saying this in my posts) fruits and veggies were originally meant to be food for all of us animals on earth— from the very beginning of time. As such, it has medicinal benefits built into them. Scientific studies talk about things like phytochemicals, vitamins and other beneficial substances found only in fruits and veggies.

Finally, animals—including humans—are meant to be consumers. Not the food.

Animals are for companions

Why were the chickens and cows created then?

They were created, if you believe in the biblical account, simply to be companions. And man, as he was commanded in the Good Book to "be fruitful and multiply" was appointed the caretaker of the entire planet, to take care of all the plants and animals.

Animals for companion. Plants for food.

But if you don't believe the Good Book, then that's a whole different story... it's a story that's so bleak and full of hopelessness.

Come back tomorrow though for more hope and funfilled journey.

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  1. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Interesting. Voted.
    1. Alex
      rachedlinidaho, Thanks. I hope you continue to follow along on the journey as it continues to unfolds. -Alex
      1. Eve Sherrill York
        Eve Sherrill York
        I have rented a seat for this one. lol
        1. Alex
          Eve, sorry to disappoint... I did not came back after my last post on April 20, 13. But do come back yourself... the next installment should even be more interesting. It was really an "Oh-yeah" moment for me when I first learned about it from the Bible. You will like it... a different window into the Bible, and with different lenses, too. Pass the word.
  2. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    Interesting post :) Could the "first man and woman" have been plant eaters??? and voted!
    1. Alex
      Been a while since I last visited in here... and things have really changed! Community is thriving... kudos to the folks in here. Anyway...Vin Chauhun, I like to share with you that the Bible seems to be silent on whether or not the first man and woman did eat anything other than plants. And the only killing of animal (excluding humans) I can remember reading about between the time of Adam outside the garden and Noah (where meat is finally permitted) is with Abel sacrificing a lamb to God shortly before his brother Cain murdered him. We can assume, however, that sacrificing animals to God was probably the only reason anyone killed animals at that time. But that's not to say Cain, who was banished from the area after the murder, did not eat meat wherever he finally settled. Now, operating on the assumption that Adam and Eve and their descendants...except Cain and his...remain obedient to God, we can safely say the first man and woman, including their descendants, did not eat meat. After the flood during Noah's lifetime, God finally allowed "man" to eat meat. Come back for another visit... and learn about something else that might make you go... hhhhhmmmmmmm! And that is that... the plant based diet from God was not just to fill the tummy. But for maintenance and upkeeping as well... ultimately, propelling man into longevity!


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