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Date Night Disappointment...
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Date Night Disappointment...

Ugh!  So disappointed!  First, I'd like to ask for positive Karma in getting the potenial buyer for our house to ACTUALLY put in an offer today.  I would appreciate all positive thought as we are BUSTING out of our 2,610 sqft house and are in DIRE need to purchase our dream home of 4,129 sq ft on top of a mountain!  I promise I will share the amazing views with you guys if you do!  They are simply breathtaking!  Thank You in advance!  :-)

Anyway, after our house shopping we went to a place that I had mentioned in yesterday's blog that had Vegan Lasagne!  Win Win for the new vegan!!  So we get there and my hunk anxiously asked the waitress for me if they had it since it was on the menue online last night...and the answer was NO!  NO?!??!  Wait?!  I don't understand that answer!!  NO?!?????  Ugh.  Apparently they only have the vegan dishes certian times, and it's because the one cook they have is vegan (awesomeness!!!) so she makes all the vegan dishes...she wasn't working that night, which means no vegan lasagne for Pentamom..  :-( So we ended up sharing Eggplant Balls, which were actually really flipping good, and something else that was vegetarian...I can't remember the name because after I heard No Vegan Lasagne, my mind kind of drifted off...but I had for dinner a Vegetarian burger which was really good!  So it's not like I suffered all too much.  SMH....  However, on a good note, the waitress DID say that she would make mention on the FB page when the Vegan stuff was in so we could catch it next time.  So at least I'll know it's fresh and awesome!  It's so difficult making this conversion...

I got another Vegan app last night when I got poor iphone is gonna be vegan also by the time I'm done with it!  LOL!!!  I got "Happy Cow"  It works really well, but I'm kind of upset about the LACK THERE OF on vegan places to go to.  Maybe I should open my own vegan bistro.  LOL!  I can call it "My 5 vegans" (even though it's a lie) or like "1 Lonesome Vegan"  LOL!!!  Oh, I dunno~I'm just being goofy!  

I had a battle with "Nutritional Yeast" the other day.  I was looking for Vegan recipes and I kept coming across that term, not understanding what it was.  So I googled it, and I found it pretty interesting.  1.  I didn't really know that our body doesn't need that much of it.  and 2. That it was an animal by product.  3. I didn't know that nutritional yeast contained it...heck, I'm not fooling anyone...the hunk and I went to the yeast section of the grocery store and couldn't find it anywhere...then when I researched it, found that it's not IN those stores.  So off to a specialty store for me tomorrow...LOL!  I explained to the hunk why I needed it and he was pretty impressed that I was so well informed in such a short time!  LOL!  

Well, that's it for today!  Thank You for reading my blog!  xxoo...

p.s. This photo represents the BEAUTIFUL view from our dream house overlooking the Valley...hopefully our "Dream" will become a reality and soon!  :-)


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  1. SnakeWitch
    Voted! Poor you! I wouldn't want that to happen to me! Have you had a chance to read both of my articles, BQs for Vegans 101 and Tropical Weather Can Mean Greener Travel. Come vote for me!
  2. Carolyn
    Congrats over the offer on your house! Houses are not selling well in this part of the United States. So an offer is definitely a big deal! Vote #4!


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