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Danish Radio Host Kills Bunny on Air
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Danish Radio Host Kills Bunny on Air

Sometimes activists go too far, employing shock tactics to get the message across that animals are suffering. And yet, in such moments, we can understand why they are trying to shock us and jolt us to action - we need to see the horrific instances of animal cruelty so that we can take a stand against it. But so-called 'activism' in Denmark recently was really just animal cruelty. 

  • Shock Jock 

Danish radio show presenter Asger Juhl recently killed a rabbit live on the air by hitting it over the head with a bicycle pump, then cooking it. People slammed the radio station for allowing such a thing to occur and recording it on video. The station later explained that the radio host wanted to create a debate about the hypocrisy concerning animal cruelty. Their statement also claimed that the rabbit was killed according to instructions given by a zookeeper so that it didn’t suffer and they apologised for anyone’s misunderstanding of the message. They also stated that their wish is for this debate to create better conditions for animals that are suffering in Danish agriculture.

  • Getting Our Blood Boiling 

Is your blood boiling yet? Mine sure is. There are many issues with this statement. First, how can hitting an animal over the head with a bicycle pump and then boiling it be humane? Second, even if the animal had been killed 'humanely', why would its life need to end to make a point in a debate? Hurting innocent animals to take a stand against hurting animals does not make any sense! Third, the radio station hopes for this incident to create better conditions for animals, but how does that make any sense? Although they might have hoped that such a controversial incident would spark debate over animal cruelty, the real social media storm has been fired against the station itself for allowing such a horrendous act to occur. People have been shocked by this disgusting incident and have been demanding that the radio host gets sacked. Hundreds of people have been signing a petition online for this to occur.



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