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DAY2: A 60-day Journey to Better Health
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DAY2: A 60-day Journey to Better Health

Already, many things are going through my mind right now. But I'd like to talk about how the day went.

I must confess I was a bit concern this morning. Around ten o'clock or so, I began to feel a bit lightheaded. It lasted for about 30 minutes. Consequently, I quickly bought a gallon of Minute Maid and worked that into my system with the two gallons of water consumed the rest of the day.

Orange juice works for me

In the past, I found that the orange juice helped my system overall to settle down. (I think this might be isolated to myself only, don't know. I also don't know exactly what it does or how it does it, but it has worked for me).

Anyhow, the lightheadedness subsided and I went on with my day.

Thinking about food today

I noticed I've started to think about food today— especially around lunch time. It might have been because I was downtown with many mouth-watering lunch aromas wafting out of all kinds of restaurants and even barbeque pits along the Marine Drive road.

House cleaning diarrhea kicks in

In the afternoon, the usual diarrhea kicked in signaling the "house cleaning" action going on inside my body.

I tried to imagine what exactly was going on in my system. But I resorted to only praising God instead for an outward sign of the new life taking place inside of me.

"Soon, hopefully, very soon it will take place on the outside giving me even more energy and reason to push on forward," I thought to myself.

By 9 p.m., I got home and came straight to my "tree-house" where I've perched and will be perching for the entire journey. I did not want to go inside my house because the aroma of dinner was too great for me. I simply did not want to get hungry.

Anyhow, as I got ready for my night prayer, I got a cramp in the abdomen area. It took me a while to work it before it went away. This is something new to me so I'll be careful and watch this thing closely.

Done with my night prayer now, I'm signing off. See you tomorrow.

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