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60 Days of Juicing: It Begins
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60 Days of Juicing: It Begins

(*This is actually day four of the program, day one of juicing.)

I had an interesting experience this morning with my first juice. I'm not going to lie... it was nasty! But I finished it anyway. I was being brave.

Noni in recipe

The recipe was fine without noni ruit, but I wanted the strange looking fruit in there anyway (I wouldn't do it this way for someone else though, especially on the first day).

3 Apples

5 leaves lettuce

3 pieces broccoli

3 stalks celery

Noni's potent as medicine, but tastes unpleasant

I knew noni fruit was going to make it taste real funny, but...

I also knew it wouldn't deter me from juicing. I've known about noni's medicinal value for a long time. That's why I was willing to begin my juicing with the so-called "nasty juice" from one of the most potent disease-fighting fruits known in this part of the world.

In fact, after the first juice, I have decided that noni will be part of the juicing once a week for the duration of the journey.

Noni juices have been proven in the lab to be healthful. They've since been sweetened and manufactured. Additionally, you can also find them in tablet or capsule form.

Outside of the scientific community, however, noni has a track record in the community of Surahanus (or herbal healers) in this region. From roots and stalk to leaves, fruits and flowers, Noni is known as a formula for healing for many ailments including swelling, infection and indigestion, to name a few.

Water Intake Decreasing 

As for my first day of juicing, I am enjoying this. Although I have reduced my water intake to one gallon a today, my juices are taken during normal breakfast, lunch and dinner times. With the exception of breakfast, all have been fine. They actually taste good to me. This is a plus. It will help to keep me going, I think.

At the end of the first day, I felt very good. I had no hunger or anything. I felt full, but not bloated. My head, although it still felt dizzy at times, was rather clear today.

For Fun and Motivation

Besides the juice, I also ate two mangos and some watermelon. Now I'm charged and ready for more. In fact, I'm already ready for tomorrow.

I know tomorrow will be another interesting experience. Stay tuned.

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  1. BuddhasDelight
    awesome! enjoy the journey. i love juicing. it makes me feel good and i do it many days a week. hope you have fun with it! voted. cheers!


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